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As we observe the world from the High Way today, we can see that in the very big picture the Divine Feminine is being re-membered… put back together… made whole, and while we have seen that this will not be complete until 2036 (see yesterday’s CC Daily), what is also True from the higher perspective is that if we can see it coming, it is happening now. There is no reason to feel that we have to wait for anything. It either IS, or it IS NOT, both are real, both are truth, and the way it is for you in your world is a matter of perspective and conscious choice.


Today, right now, the Sun and Venus come together for an inferior conjunction, and this in itself is a major part of the feminine reunification process. This conjunction is THE Sun Venus new cycle for 2017, and Venus, as we know, is retrograde. This new cycle occurs in Aries, which is Mars’ sign, and Mars is currently in Taurus, which is Venus’ sign.


Venus is on her way to a second conjunction (just barely) with Chiron at 27 Pisces, and that will occur when she stations and goes direct on April 15. Fascinatingly, Mars is on his way to a new cycle (conjunction) with Sedna, (the archetype of the fully remembered divine feminine, and this ALSO occurs on April 15th.


It should be clear that we are in the middle of a major part of the remembering process, the same one that is complete in 2036. Venus will then connect with the Uranus/Eris -Jupiter/Haumea Light Bridge at the end of May, and this Light Bridge is disposed by Mars and Sedna, the planets that preside over Aries and Libra. This is a majorly transmutational moment for the divine feminine Self.


If we were to observe the 3D world right now, (which is best to do from the observer’s High Way), we can see that this rememberment process is occurring through the destabilization of the patriarchy, which is clearly coming undone at this time. The patriarchy is the fear based agenda that has worked to disremember the divine feminine for so long. This process has to happen as the 3D counterpart to the 5D reunification process.


We must watch it happen and let it happen. At the same time there is a major revolution that has already begun that is going to carry the reunification of the masculine/feminine Self to its natural whole state. How incredibly exciting is this?


That shadow that began to show itself last summer is beginning to make itself known. Don’t fear it. It must be fully exposed before it can be eradicated. How will we do that? EASY! Just Be the Light you are! If we all turn on the High Lights at the exact moment when the shadow is fully revealed it will simply disappear. How will we know when that moment comes? EASY! We will all, en masse, just start shining.


There is nothing to understand. We must allow our Selves the full experience of whatever is happening. That’s the way to revolution/evolution. Be still and Know.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s inferior Sun Venus new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 5:  A statue of a god worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.

  “I am here to personify an archetype. I must become my best and show the way. I have no choice in the matter. Unless I exceed my previous limits at every key juncture, I know I am not doing what I’m here to do and I can’t bear to let everybody down. I am here for a purpose and I cannot delude myself that I can do as I please.

                My dilemma is that I am as sharply motivated as can possibly be and those who encounter me want to set me up to be an expert, to be somebody special, to be above them and beyond them, while I know with the greatest of instincts that it can’t be done that way any longer. So I must refuse to be the hero, the scapegoat, the center of all projections, throw it off and become everybody. Then I can get through to the others and not be stopped by this crazy old style of religion and idolatry.

                I am exceedingly fortunate, in that I can see through what each and all are doing faster than they can do it. I am ahead of the game. I make sure to keep my way free and clear. And I delight in my capacity to cut through the crap, get on with what matters, and be done with the ritual of dismemberment.

                The only hard thing is that I just have no patience in me for human frailties. I am not at all amused by stuck patterns and obvious lies. And I’m not shy about getting it across that you can’t get away with that stuff around here.

                People accuse me of being too much and of keeping the pressure on. They’re right. But I am showing a tiny fraction of what I’ve got here. And the edge I put on events is laid back and easy going, compared with how it feels inside to be up against dense and stupid routines.”


“Wherever you are, you are one with the clouds and one with the sun and the stars you see. You are one with everything. That is more true than I can say, and more true than you can hear.”

~Shunryu Suzuki

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