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Today features a 4:4 Star Gate, and that, combined with the Saturn and Mercury stations that are manifesting this week, promises to reveal plenty of definition and structure of the kind we’ve been yearning for. It’s been such a wild ride, centered or not, particularly for the lack of focus and clarity. The veils have been lifting, slowly but surely, and today’s 4:4 energies bring a solidity we have’t seen in quite some time. The word ‘veil’ typically invokes Neptune, and SO interestingly, Neptune is a one off right now. He is disposing him Self, and not aspecting anything else. The Sun made an intimate connection (semisextile) with Neptune a couple of days ago, and this may very well be giving life to the veil lifting that is taking place.


Watch for the solidifying of Truth today, everywhere you look. And remember that Mercury is going retrograde at the very end of this week (Sunday night), so that everything that is happening now (and for the last week and a half) will be revisited and then redefined, before the depositor of the new mental operating system is done.

Today Mars forms a Great Eliminator with Jupiter. This brings the physical realm to a fork in the road with the higher social consciousness. There are important, mindful decisions to be made today, and Mars is in the middle of two very important (and different) planetary pictures. With his connection to Jupiter today he officially activates the Light Bridge that is the HIGH WAY to awakened unity consciousness.

Mars will also manifest with (trine) Pluto, and then make semisextiles with Uranus and Eris and another Great Eliminator with Haumea… All between now and April 13th. This will effectively activate the transmutation that the bridge is generating at the physical and cellular levels.

Also, Mars comes together with Ceres for a new cycle next Monday the 10th, and this is followed by the full Libra Moon that gives conscious life to the HIGH WAY LIGHT bridge, and then, on the 15th of April, Mars and Sedna come together for a new cycle as they dispose the LIGHT BRIDGE and Venus goes direct.

During the course of the next week or so, the only lower body ruler that is not involved with the Light Bridge is Mercury. But Mercury is just coming off of his connection with the Light Bridge (remember that crazy weekend last week?) and he is going to go retrograde on Sunday to make his way back to the Light Bridge at the end of the month.

All this means that the entire month of April, showcased in today’s 4:4 Star Gate, features the highest calibration of the lower four body system with the High Way of Awakening Unity consciousness. And all we have to do is let it happen, and watch it unfold.

Stay tuned to you for the best view.



“Lift the veil that obscures the heart, and there you will find what you are looking for.”