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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for my 2017 Summer Retreat to Chalice Well, England!

AUGUST 19 – 25: CLICK HERE for details and to get on board….

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Here is a very important new channel from Jan Finley:

“These next few weeks will test all of you. Reach deeply into your heart and your connections to others. That network of connection – of LOVE – will create an impermeable foundation and barrier of Light. We guide, we watch. You are never, ever alone. Be prepared for the flower that blooms in a wasteland, for the drop of nectar in a parched mouth, and know when that moment arrives that all is well and the age of enLightenment has arrived. You are loved beyond measure.”

These are harsh words, but they certainly do seem to reflect the energies of the moment, at least at the local (worldly) level. The Full Moon yesterday can be thought of as a kind of energizing. The next two days will see the Sun come together with the Light Bridge and the true transmutation of the human race (and therefore the planet) will take place.










Are you able to read the channel above without any discernible reaction? Does it scare you? Make you tense up? Does it seem very dire? The bottom line here is, it is exactly what is happening, and we are living through it. The blooming flower and the drop of nectar will appear, and we know it. We must be vigilant for them, that is why we are here, holding this space of conscious Love. We already know the outcome. Getting there, or more accurately, allowing our Selves the experience of BEING there, requires the temporary appearance of these changeful scenarios.


This is not anything we don’t know. For a while it has been about learning to walk the talk. We have learned how, to such a great extent. But the successful alchemy of the old world into a new one HAS TO bring a kind of unrelenting set of circumstances that require our perseverance and unchanging capacity to hold the space the world has to move into.


AND: We don’t really know what that looks like. The space we are holding exists in our hearts, and we will only be able to hold it consistently with faith and trust… not in the outcome, but in our Selves. Know thy Self has been the prime directive from the beginning. When you Know what you are capable of, nothing can shake you from it.


Today the Sun comes together with Eris while Mars forms a Great Eliminator with Haumea. The Light Bridge is on fire. Fire has long been THE single most transmutational tool at our disposal. We are in the most transmutational passage we have ever known. Anything goes here. But in the process of transmutation, all is good. All is well. All is essential, whatever way it goes down.


Don’t allow your Self to focus or fixate on fear. Instead, choose to hold the space of Love and unity by shining your Light in whatever way emerges for you today.


“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.”

– Orison Swett Marden