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The awakening is happening everywhere, and today is a HUGE day in the bigger scheme of things, (and likely the more local scheme of things as well). Just about every planet is participating in this event, this amazing transmutational Light Bridge that is delivering a whole new world. There’s so much to share. I’ve been asked about the degree of yesterday’s Mars Sedna new cycle at 26 Taurus. It is conjunct the fixed star Algol. Just a word or two about this.











Algol is considered a very dark star. It is associated with dictators and demagogues. But please remember we are in the middle of a major reunification process, which means the dark is the Light and the Light is the dark and there is nothing that actually separates the two sides of the coin. If it takes a demagogue to shake things up Eris style, then so be it. Everything we experience here is a matter of where we place our focus.


We can focus consciously or unconsciously. When we do the latter, we tend to be run by fear and separation becomes the law. Conscious focus places us on the observer’s perch, where all of any polarity if visible and conscious. Here there is no fear, no separation, only the unity that can be easily seen from the higher viewpoint.


Algol is also very close to Alcyone, which Mars will get to in a few days. Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades constellation, and it is associated with that much higher perspective of Unity and Love. There, in the cosmos, we can look and See the reflection of the dark and Light side by side, not at all separate from each other.


Today features another VERY important planetary picture, a major stepping stone being generated by Venus, stationing today to go direct, who is within a half a degree from Chiron, the Master Healer/Teacher, squaring Saturn, the INNER Teacher, who has just gone retrograde conjunct the Galactic Center. Saturn, too is conjunct Ixion, a 5D planet that represents the Soul’s purpose for being here on Earth. This transiting Ixion represents the  collective purpose.


What a huge turning point! Saturn and Ixion are dancing together all year, in communion with Source. We are learning to be the master of our own fate, which is best achieved in tandem with a strong connection to Source. Venus, ruler of the heart, stations direct in Pisces, the limitless realm, and prepares to cross the world axis for the third time in a couple of weeks and then eventually make it to the Light Bridge. Venus will be the last lower body ruler to commune with the Light Bridge. The heart has the last say.


For today, all the wounds of the heart can become whole, IF we are willing to stand on our own two feet, take response ability for our Selves and all that we can be in this moment, stay tuned to Source and stand tall, above the emotional drama that has taken us down time and time again.


Today we  can truly walk on water, here in the middle of the holiest of weekends. The crucifixion is behind us, and the resurrection is about to manifest. Ride the wave of wholeness today, particularly at the emotional level. We are in a holiday weekend, and many are spending time with family. Going home is code for going to the core. There couldn’t be a more significant moment for a Venus Chiron event.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Station and the Venus Chiron event that has been holding space for us all week long. This passage is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Pisces 27:  A ritual sand painting.

There is an elegance, a refinement, an intricate design. It has been laid there by nature, by the forces of the Earth. When human souls take it up, they are led to stick very close to the Earth’s subtle winding patterns. There are infinite variations. But all of these come down to tracking between the Earth’s reverberating depths and the deep soundings of the soul.

                This realm is vastly non-verbal. It is intrinsic, implicit, goes with the territory. You have to be in there to get it. Even when you’re in there each moment shifts, although nothing stays the same. The paradox of great flux and immutable constancy forms the vessel.

                People would say that this frequency is unconscious. That would mean; no mind can explain it, no self can claim it, no past can tell you where to go. It is unconscious. But when you are naturally attuned at those depths, the last thing needed is intrusion of the outer mind to try to get on top of the situation. There is no top. There is no situation.

                This is the native sensibility of those who can’t get away from the design, the living mandala, the wondrous perfection that is here. To be authentic to interior experience is everything. But it won’t fit in with any schemes. You can’t do anything with it, except trace those flows and become them.

                On the inside, this is a magnificent facility at staying present deep under and never needing to surface. It’s the underground world of the Knowers. You can do a whole lot here if you can remain naïve to the process.”


“When you are willing to stop looking for something in thought, you find everything in silence.”


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