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You know there are certain days when there’s so much happening it’s sure to be most important and unforgettable, and this is one of those days. Though not the first event of the day, Pluto turns retrograde, and that carries SO much weight. Pluto has such a huge influence in our lives, and when he stations, his powers are monumental. When a planet isn’t moving, it can permeate the consciousness in ways that aren’t possible otherwise. Also, Pluto is currently serving as an intersection (optional road) for the on going Light Bridge that is providing a High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness in an ongoing fashion. Many are experiencing a resurrection of sorts, though that process is such a huge one, it may be difficult to realize that’s what’s happening (yet).










The Pluto station has been holding court for a few days. It marks a major turning point in the journey to the new world. We will be able to recognize this point as a critical moment and it is likely to be one we will not forget. I will put Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for this station up at the end of this blog. It’s important in that its energies will be with us for a long while.


Today also features the inferior Mercury Sun conjunction, which is the conjunction that always occurs at the exact midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. It is always jam packed with information that helps us to make sense of the current retrograde journey. This conjunction occurs in the portal of strength, which is the cusp between Aries and Taurus. It occurs in Taurus, but the Sun has just entered here and Mercury is just leaving. That means both planets are literally inhabiting both signs today.


Both of these signs belong to the higher Mental Body, according to Cosmic Consciousness. Aries is the quality of consciousness that speaks to Mental Power, the power of the higher Mind, which is where we awaken to the Light of the Spirit and move into the next dimension of consciousness. Taurus is the sign of Mental Love, where the mechanism of the Higher Mind functions at its best. That means that in Taurus the Mind combines with the heart and the capacity for Right Action is born out of the realization of the presence of the inner guidance mechanism.


In Taurus we leave the old belief systems behind and we learn to put our faith and trust into the inner guidance that always delivers us to our greatest Truth. The Mercury Sun conjunction marks another kind of turning point today. This one speaks to a certain level of comprehension about what we are revisiting that we didn’t have before because we didn’t have enough perspective on it. Now we do. This usually coincides with events that take place that serve to make the purpose of the retrograde so much clearer.


Mercury retrograde back into Aries later today, where he will spend the rest of his retrograde journey. There’s plenty more awakening available to us now. Mercury is going to back his way into the Light Bridge, where he started his shadow journey at the end of March. He will go direct on May 4 right smack in between Uranus and Eris. There’s so much clarity that’s just about to emerge.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the today’s inferior Mercury Sun conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. And this will be followed by the meditation for the Pluto station. Stay tuned to you.

Taurus 1: A red garnet ring. The garnets glow.

We start out in life attracted, magnetized to the spot where love is promised. The divine mother energy claims our heart. And so we come in with innocence and purity, an open slate for this next lifetime, this new adventure.

                Our style, our substance, our energy frequency is simple, basic and straight. All we want to do is partake of the bounty and the glory of creation. We need to be filled with grace, with beauty. Our longing for a good life is

                From the beginning to the end, birth to death, we hold this stance, we cleave to this position of being the one who feels and senses the one-pointed primary matters and nothing else. Our identity is structure around being attuned to the Central Chamber, and we do not wander from that place.

                The experiences we draw to us are often blatantly contradictory to our self-image and our inward reality. For it is that which will reveal to us what we need to see and feel which we cannot refuse. We are utterly fascinated by all ways people can be. For we are always just one way and the others brings the colors and times that are missing in us.

                Our intent is plain. We seek to love and be loved, to honor and be honored, to recognize and be recognized. It is most vital for us to be seen as we are. And if we can see another as they truly are, such is the fruit of the vine, the wonder of the Earth.

                Whether we are in natures element or in the midst of the crowd, it’s all the same. For we are drawn with the sharpest instinct to the center.

That center is on tap in all situations. Some things never vary.”


Capricorn 20:   Many different perfumes carried by a breeze.

 “Being tuned in. Picking up on each and every cue. Sensing all of them in their complex interrelations. Devoted to the art of developing a consciousness that is sufficiently discerning to track closely with each part and all together, in the multiple windings of how everything fits together around here.

                Paying careful attention. Trained to observe, to be precise, to be effective. Thoroughly and intensively initiated in special tasks and objectives. Working from behind the scenes. Discreet. Very hard to read.

                Granted an extraordinary aptitude for learning, for evolving, for taking things to the next point. Yet also so very aware of contributing factors, of past dynamics, of karmic forces and influences.

                Placed within an objective situation where you must keep your own council, you must stay tuned to any and every facet you come upon and you are forever being groomed to take on a far greater responsibility, if you can fulfill this phase successfully.

                On the horizon lies another world. In that one, these abilities metamorphose into real life wisdom. And then a central role in the whole framework can be taken on. Only this will satisfy.

                Yet it is so necessary to hold within the existing state of things and to sense what is here now and not to be grasping for infinities later. There is unfinished business upon this frequency. It goes way back. Can power be wielded in a fashion that is free of one’s own memory pictures and doubts and fears? Can consciousness be brilliantly complex and ingenious without getting caught in its own caricatures? And can the inward essence be extracted time and again, without getting delayed endlessly by the fascinating phenomena and how they impress us endlessly?”


“Ultimately, we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to reflect it towards others. And the more peace there is in us, the more peace there will be in our troubled world.”

~ Etty Hillesum

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