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Mercury with the Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox

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Mercury has officially entered the realm of the Light Bridge and is currently very busily infusing his newly upgraded energies with the multidimensional frequencies of the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness. Mercury is going to be with the Light Bridge for the next two weeks. During that time the Mental Body Ruler will pull into his station, turn direct, and connect with Uranus twice. Mercury is STILL in a storm period (lest you forgot) and that won’t end until he recovers his shadow, around May 18 or 19. The next two weeks are all about what Mercury can do with the Light Bridge.



The image I have up at the top of the blog right now is stunning, isn’t it? Thank you Lauren Fox! It so perfectly depicts the diverse and varietal energies of Mercury, so beautifully embracing the colossal energies of the Light Bridge. The colors, in particular, really speak to me about the new higher, more conscious frequencies of the upgraded Mental Body. The next two weeks seem to me to be a major infusion of these new HighWays of the awakened Mind.


Mercury will spend plenty of the next two week completing the last two thirds of his triple conjunction with Uranus. When the final conjunction takes place a new cycle will begin. There is nothing new about the important connection between Mercury and Uranus. Uranus has long been thought of as the higher octave of Mercury. That’s because Uranus awakens us to the higher mind. Without the fairly disruptive energies of Uranus, we would not have much impetus to take us to our own higher ground.


These days there is an even higher octave of the mental function, and it is reflected by the new 5D planet Quaoar. Quaoar represents the capacity to come up with original thought. To ‘think outside the box’, if you will. This capacity is not really a purely mental function… it is the result of a well-balanced Mind/Heart. When Mind and Heart are balanced, intuition runs the show, we are ‘in the flow’, and in a very real sense we can channel what we are perceiving into words that describe a newer perspective.


It is new words and thoughts and the create a new world. Quaoar is kicking in for so many of us, because Mercury has undergone such profound upgrading, and our minds have been freed to a great extent. Quaoar is currently sitting on the world axis, at 0 Capricorn, and he will remain so all year this year and next. He will dip back into Sagittarius, but 29 Sagittarius is as much the world axis as 0 Capricorn is. There is no way that this new capacity to move into original thought, to let go of old limiting beliefs and to gain fresh perspectives all around is not affecting every soul on the planet right now, (courtesy of Quaoar’s world axis location).


These next two weeks will transform our higher perceptions in ways we have no concept of … yet. It will be like watching a flower blossom. There’s no way to chase it, or to make it happen. It’s more about the beholding of something exquisite. Stay tuned to you.


“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” 

– Jonas Salk