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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox


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The Venus MakeMake Light Bridge is now fully activated and wide open for traffic. Light Bridges work somewhat differently than regular bridges, originally known as oppositions, in that they are made of and infused with the Light of higher consciousness, and making conscious use of them delivers tremendous transmutation and a good deal of palpable ascension. Once a Light Bridge is connected with, it remains a Path, or a High Way you can travel forever.

We are in the Mercury station today, and at this moment, when the Great Messenger stands still, I am going to take a moment to offer a stream of consciousness on the significance of the Light Bridge at this pivotal moment in our human story.


When the 3D opposition was the main expression of duality before we began to awaken, it reflected our perception of being separate entities. An opposition, even within our own birth chart, felt like a chasm that existed in our world (or our personality) that was unfathomable. Like a huge river flowing between two shores, with one part of Self on one shore and the opposite part on the other. It seemed it was impossible to be on both sides at the same time, and therefore it was not within the realm of reality to bring those two sides of Self together.


With meditation and focus, we began to sense the profound connection between two points that are directly opposed to each other. They begin to evoke the experience of looking at our own image in the mirror. Every reflection exists as the ‘other side’ of the person standing before the mirror. No person, no reflection. Further, the reflection looks JUST LIKE the person being reflected.


More conscious awakening revealed that everything we perceive in the world is the reflection of a projection of our own consciousness. When we begin to realize that everything in the world is our own consciousness being projected, the “oppositions” become a series of inner polarities. They are always connected. In fact, they are more connected than almost anything else.


The more we ascend on our consciousness, the easier it is to See the polarities, and the broader the connections become. They become bridges. When there is an opposition in your birth chart, if you have worked on your Self-awareness, those two planets are forever and inexorably connected to each other and there is a bridge that is available to you for your use at all times. To make use of it, you simply need to become aware of it.


When one of the planets involved in a bridge is a 5D planet, that outer planet represents the realm of your own higher Consciousness, and is ‘lit up’ with multidimensional awareness at all times. A Light Bridge in your own birth chart has been in place since your birth, but must be ‘awakened to’ whenever you’re ready. Once you become aware of it, you activate it, and it remains a High Way that is available to you always.


A transiting Light Bridge (planets forming a Light Bridge in the current cosmos) offers the same option. It has more of a collective application, since it is there for everyone. It can last for a long time, if the planets involved are both 5D planets, because they will be traveling VERY slowly. Such is the situation of the current Eris Haumea Light Bridge that is currently attended by Jupiter and Uranus also. Jupiter and Uranus will move on later this year, but Eris and Haumea will remain in an all important High Way to Unity for at least two years to come.


Today’s Venus MakeMake bridge has been manifesting since Mid-February, when Venus bridged the archteype of Divine Law for the first of three times. She went retrograde and makes her final bridge to MakeMake today. That means that energetically this bridge has been ‘under construction’ since February 9, and today marks its full blown manifestation. Tomorrow Venus will move on, she moves that quickly. But this bridge is reflecting the newly emerging Divine Feminine, which is currently being reunified, and anyone who has become aware of this process has accessed the Light Bridge.


And this bridge will remain a High Way in our consciousness journey forever. Tomorrow the extremely slow moving Mercury will go direct. He will remain in a storm period until he recovers his shadow on May 19th. The storms on the planet have been really profound, literally and figuratively. Standing on the Light Bridge with conscious awareness will keep you safe from the storm.


Stay tuned to you.


“Your heart is the light of this world. Don’t cover it with your mind.”