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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox


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I don’t know about you, but that Mercury station yesterday didn’t register for me, even a little bit. Did you feel it? Oh, the consciousness is flowing, but the mental operating system has been so profoundly upgraded that our sensory perception is off the charts. But a Mercury station typically feels like a jolt and a turnaround, and that most definitely was not the case. Maybe it will happen yet, but it’s also just as possible that the new Mercury behaves very differently than he used to. Maybe we’re just not used to his new methods of operation yet.


Mercury has been in one of the longest storm periods he’s ever been through. The storm means that he’s moving so much more slowly than usual. Well, Mercury is ALWAYS moving more slowly than usual when he stations… the station means he’s not moving at all. BUT, he’s been moving more slowly than usual for many weeks now, and he will continue to move slowly in this same way for a little more than two more weeks. That may be why feeling him turn around is so much less perceptible.


Also, Mercury is stationing SMACK in between Uranus and Eris, and those are two giant archetypes. These two deliver us all to the higher Self. Maybe their energies are superseding Mercury’s lower body residency,, or maybe they are representing a portal – possibly THE portal – that delivers the higher Mind to its newer home… .


To comprehend this, it may be necessary to begin to realize the body in a non linear fashion. That is, the lower mind, which we think of as being in the brain somewhere, may not be in that location at all. Maybe the lower mind is ANYwhere in the body.. .maybe the higher Mind is above the crown chakra, or in the high Heart.


The point is, like everything else in the universe that we have convinced our Selves we know about, maybe we don’t really have any idea about anything. Maybe this is the moment, inside this Mercury station that is conjunct Uranus and Eris and in a Light Bridge with Haumea, maybe it’s the moment to let the lower mind die. Maybe now we can go forth, SLOWLY at first, without the need to rely on the mind to help us navigate what we can’t possibly navigate with thought alone.


The heart is the great navigator, the heart is where the Truth is, and the heart is the way to the new world. There are no planetary aspects today, and as mentioned, Mercury will now recover his shadow very slowly….MUCH more slowly than usual. He will recover his shadow on May 19, and Venus will recover her shadow on the 18th, (and she will infuse with the Light Bridge beginning that day too).


This might be the perfect time to mention that when Venus comes into the Aries end of the Light Bridge Mars will slip out of bounds for about six weeks. More four body transmutation… It’s an upgrade of the highest order. Keep your higher Mind on that Light Bridge and don’t take your eye off you.

Okay, I have an addendum: It is only 3 hours since I wrote the blog above, but now it has been announced that there will be a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act tomorrow. The level of stress is off the charts. It in’t clear if it will pass, but it is worth noting that voting on this repeal began with the Mercury cycle. So here is one way Mercury’s station is being felt. It is certainly a collective phenomenon, in that it touches everyone. It seems to me that the people’s movement that has been forming since the election can’t rest, not even for a moment. I am willing to bet that the Truth, the real Truth will become accessible to us while Mercury recovers his shadow. Let’s hold the space of Love unfailingly so this “unveiling” has an uplifting result….

“You are constantly invited to be what you are.”‘

Ralph Waldo Emerson