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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox


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Cinco de Mayo! 5/5… A day to celebrate our Mexican brothers and sisters, who are overdue for some recognition. Let’s all send a heart felt blast of Love to our Mexican family, whether South of the Border or right here in the US. There are no walls in 5D… Nothing can separate anyone or anything in the new world. That new world is the one we are creating as we go. And the way to do it is to hold the vision and the space in our hearts for this new reality to come into its own. Today is also THE 5:5 Star Gate of 2017… It’s an important Star Gate because it is Mercury’s portal, and Mercury, as we know, has just gone direct and will now VERRRRYY SLLOOOWWWLY make his way back over his shadow. We know things have changed since yesterday, but it will take some space (formerly some time) to see those changes manifest. And in the stretch of moments, we can recreate anything any way we want to. All we have to do is believe it. We have to MAKE believe… or make beliefs, to be more succinct.


A star Gate is a passageway or portal that is made of numbers. Numbers are the fabric of the universe, and each number represents a kind of high way of Light based information that informs us of all we could ever need to know about where we are. Of course, the capacity to Know all we need to Know is a function of how much we are wiling to let go of what we THINK we know, in order to allow our Selves the experience of what is actually happening.


The 5:5 Star Gate is a portal of communication and connection. Connection with what you may ask? Well, the only communication that really counts in the inner one we have with our Self.. our higher Self that is.. That connection, the quality of it and the reality of it is always reflected in our experience of the outer world. The more we realize we don’t really know anything, the more we can grasp that there is absolutely nothing ‘out there’ except our own projection (or reflection, depending on our current perspective), of what is going on within us.


If we’re experiencing it ‘out there’ it is most likely we are not aware of it within yet. That is the essence of relationship as we know it. We have connections with others, and those others ALWAYS resonate at the same frequency we are resonating at, so that we can know our Selves better. It is never about knowing another.. that is actually impossible… You can only perceive with your own consciousness, and thus, you can only every perceive your Self.


Knowing your Self is the most important thing you can do with your journey through this lifetime. The more you know you, the more you know those who come into your life to reflect you. When another begins to display traits that upset you, or bring up resistance in you, that is not the sign to walk away, no! It is the opportunity to look at your Self and take response ability for the very trait you are perceiving in the other. You are looking at what you do to your Self. If they lie to you, you lie to you. If they ignore you, you ignore you. It’s those traits you have a hard time with that are the gifts to unlock. If we didn’t stay long enough to do that, we would never grow. We would walk away and bump right into the same relationship, and we do this until we can see our Selves clearly and accept the Truth about who we are.


Today the Sun forms a Great Eliminator (an inconjunct) with Jupiter. These days whenever any planet, especially the lower body rulers (formerly personal planets) connects with Jupiter in any way, that planet is headed into the Light Bridge. The Light Bridge is being generated by Jupiter and Haumea in polarity with Uranus and Eris, the Great Awakeners. This is a HIGH WAY to the awakened Unity consciousness that is the fabric of the new world. (For more on the Light Bridge please search for it in the search function on the top tool bar).


At this moment and for the next week or so, Mercury is sitting right in between Uranus and Eris, participating in the Light Bridge. He as just gone direct, as mentioned, and he is not moving very swiftly right now. But little by little we come to realize the Truth about the higher consciousness. We need Mercury to help us grasp this information. And today’s 5:5 Star Gate will deliver plenty of downloads along these lines today. All we have to do is be open to it all.


And stay tuned to you.


“When your relationship with your experience is loving, that itself is the most transformative thing in existence.”