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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox


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Now that we’ve had a few days to experience this phenomenally slow Mercury station that is taking place in the middle of the Uranus/Eris conjunction, it’s beginning to feel like a major tide that has been ebbing for weeks and weeks is now starting to turn and head back out to shore to produce a major high tide. There is a full Moon coming (on May 10), and Mercury will recover his shadow on May 18, and the entire experience promises to be one that amplifies and expands and grows to vast proportions. Something that big is filled with over the top energy, and that is never comfortable. But uncomfortable has long been a main ingredient for growth, and in this case there is a major awakening that goes along with it.



While Mercury very slowly begins to move forward again, we are in a space where two important Ixion aspects occur… One today, the other tomorrow. Ixion represents the Soul’s promise to its Self for a life purpose, and the transiting Ixion represents the collective purpose. Ixion is very active as this tide turns, implying that it is vital for each and every one of us to turn inward and realize what it is that our hearts desire for this moment. (It should be fairly clear how important the collective focus on what we want is at this time). It is also every bit as important to Know your Self.

We can’t know what’s next, but knowing what is, that is what is going on within, automatically delivers us to what’s next. This is the perfect moment to practice this inward connection, as Mercury, who presides over all connection, slowly turns the tide. Once this tide gets moving, everything that Ixion represents becomes essential.

Today’s Ixion aspect is an Ixion Sedna manifestation. The purpose manifesting with the Divine feminine remembrance. Sedna is the keeper of all the records that relate to the feminine Self. She is the true depositor of Libra… she is the Librarian! A manifestation (formerly known as a trine), brings reality into being… manifests the energies of the two archetypes combining harmoniously.

Tomorrow Ixion aspects Uranus, and shortly will reconnect with Saturn for the second of three conjunctions, and will manifest with Venus too. Sedna, Uranus, Saturn, Venus… That reads like a reverse journey from the personal heart to the awakened feminine. In Cosmic Consciousness, reality runs from Spirit to the physical, and that is just what is happening here. This next week or two is a very important turning of the tide in so many directions. It is positively multidimensional.

But then, what else would it be? We are moving into the new realm – the 5D consciousness, with it’s limitless potential and its complete and total interconnectedness between each and every part of our existence. It’s not possible to understand it. But it is perfectly possible to experience it, and to experience it now, as the turning tide takes us to it.

And it is in the experience that the Knowing becomes possible. Don’t take your eyes off you.


“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”

– Anais Nin