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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox


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Here is a comment sent by a faithful reader:

“It is an uncomfortable time for me.  I feel like human collective unconsciousness is a giant lake of distortions that has gotten bigger and bigger as we’ve added to it.  So instead of me feeling like it’s tidal, it’s almost like it’s spilling over into the everyday, when it used to be contained/ hidden.  That leaking has some destruction to it of what is not truth, but I feel I must be diligent to not get reactive.”

There is so much here to unpack. First, these feelings are pretty much what we’re all going through, though some are having an easier time of it than others. The bottom line is, it’s not an easy time, and it’s going to get tougher before it gets better. In the meantime, there’s plenty we can do to navigate our way through this passage, and to maintain out well being and our sanity in the process.


It’s a lot about the discipline that is mentioned. We are not strangers to discipline, we’ve been practicing Self-focused awareness for years. There’s has never been a more important moment to walk the talk. Knowing how is not enough. Devoting your Self to your own inner peace and comfort is what matters the most right now.

The reason for the highly unusual discomfort at this moment is the result of the current Light Bridge being generated by Mars in polarity with ANTARES, the star that casts a great shadow. While we’ve been navigating the giant Light Bridge that is the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness, Antares slipped to the next degree of the zodiac. This is a huge event, because Antares is a fixed star.

Fixed Stars do not move, for all intents and purposes, although everything in the physical world moves. It’s all energy after all. Antares has been at the 10th degree of Sagittarius for 72 years, and this past week it moves to the 11th degree. While it shifted, Mars moved into a perfect polarity with Antares, and that too is a very big deal.

You may remember last Summer when Mars came together with Antares and Saturn at the 10th degree of Sagittarius. That was the beginning of this huge shadow reveal. The revelation of the shadow is what the entire polarization we are going through is about. Polarization is the taking apart of duality, and it has to happen if the reunification of everything is going to take place.

This Mars bridge with Antares (the anti-Mars) is huge. Mars is triggering the fullness of the shadow and in just a week or so Mars will slip out of bounds for the next six weeks. That is going to take things to a major new level of polarization. Is it any wonder we are so uncomfortable?

Stay riveted in your consciousness to the High Way.. the Uranus/Eris -Jupiter/Haumea Light Bridge. Stand there on that Light infused observer’s perch and do everything you can to Let it all Be, just exactly as it is. Watch, with detached compassion, and let this amazing moment, which was created before we got here, unfold. At the end of this wild depolarization, the reunification will begin.

I was also asked what the significance of May 24, 2017 is, because it’s a big day in the Mayan calendar. That is where the reunification begins and the polarization ends. Both of these will overlap each other, the way a changing tide overlaps itself. We are in for a very wild ride.

Remember at all times that all is right with the world. Nothing is wrong, no matter what you think or what you feel. Your thoughts are not you, and neither are your feelings. Your heart is you. Stay tuned to it. Don’t jump off the bridge when something in the world tugs on your heart. Your open heart, your open detached heart is your greatest protection now.

“When deep amethyst

shadows of despair

  fall between

the soaring peaks of joy


Surround them with your being

as a great mountain

holds all its peaks and valleys

in its enduring vastness”

Judith Whitman-Small

Floodtide: A Collection of Poems / Ashland Hills Press, 2012