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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox

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I received some interesting comments and questions about the number 72 and the fixed stars, and I am excited to respond to them, but that will have to wait until the end of the week, because the next 2 or 3 days are filled with life-altering planetary events. As we know, those always correspond to life-altering events here on Earth. We are headed into the third of three Mercury Uranus conjunctions (tomorrow), while Mercury, still in a storm cycle infuses very powerfully with the Light Bridge. Today Mercury also manifests (formerly trines) with Ixion. Mercury manifested with Saturn a couple of days ago, and today’s Ixion connection is like completing a circuit that is essential to our new life in the new world.











Saturn and Ixion are in the middle of their own triple conjunction this year. They are the archetypes that are providing us all with a definitive new life purpose, and one that is collective and unified. All Mercury aspects deliver new understanding and realization, and these days the ruler of the mental body is taking our level of understanding to brand new levels. Again, as ever, striving to understand what has not yet become clear is a wasted effort. Let it all be revealed, with an open heart and plenty of faith and trust in the perfection of the cosmic design.


Also today the Sun manifests with Pluto. This is the beginning of the upcoming Full Moon event, and it is really great news… I did have a comment on Pluto’s participation this week, and I wanted to respond to that. It’s from Lauri Ann Lumby:

“Can you expound again on the Pluto “helpful connection promising great things?”  When I saw we had a Scorpio moon coming up I thought, “Oh God…..more shadow work….not sure how much more of this I can handle.”  I was going to ask if you could please shed some positive light on this….then I saw your Pluto comment, which seems contradictory to the Pluto/Scorpio connection.  I would LOVE to hear something more hopeful than where I was tempted to go! “

I don’t disagree with anything Lauri refers to… YES, a Scorpio Full Moon definitely speaks to more shadow work, because the Scorpio Moon is on the Master Path (formerly in its Fall), and it has a hard time processing emotion. In a full polarity with the Sun, the Light get’s cast in profound ways. Additionally, Mars is in a bridge with Antares, as mentioned yesterday, casting more shadow.

BUT. We are in the middle of some of the most profound and important shadow clearing that has ever taken place on the planet (that we can remember), We have learned to allow the shadow, to let it come specifically so that when it is fully exposed we can simply BE the Light we are and it will be neutralized. If you look around (without leaving the observer’s perch, of course) you can begin to see this neutralization beginning to manifest.

At this moment it looks uncomfortably like intense polarization, for example the patriarchy is feeling its oats, though we can see it being diminished and eroding before our very eyes. In a moment, actually in THIS moment, the duality of Light and Shadow will balance and unification will be the law of the land.

The Full Moon is tomorrow, and there are no other aspects from the Sun (and the Moon) other than the connections to Pluto. Pluto disposes the Scorpio Moon and to have the Sun and Moon make very harmonious and productive connections to the Great Rebirther bodes well.

It’s important in the new consciousness to consciously shift your focus to the positive, and there is positive in absolutely everything.  A Scorpio Full Moon may require shadow work and some deep diving, but it also ALWAYS brings transformation and expansive change. Nothing is ever wrong, ever. Not in the divine plan, and not in the 5D realm. It’s important to remember that. It is the prime directive of the new order.

One more HUGE happening takes place today. The Moon’s Nodes move from Virgo/Pisces into Leo/Aquarius, thus changing the collective energy fields that deal with our Karma and our Dharma. I will certainly refer to this shift a great deal in the days and weeks to come. The Nodes will be in their new signs for 18 months and will shift the eclipse cycle from Virgo/Pisces eclipses to Leo Aquarius events.

Probably the most important fact about this shift is that as a collective, the Sun of our soular system is currently moving through the 29th degree of Aquarius, which is where the karmic node will now be for the next couple of weeks. That also happens to be the degree of the Moon in the United States chart. Knowing that this is happening is the purpose of cosmic consciousness. Knowing what will happen is not possible, but we can hold a space for the loving and gentle unfoldment of what is to BE.

We have, after all, already created this moment, and we are all here willingly to experience it as it unfolds. Stay tuned to you.


“Feel yourself out

to your fingertips and beyond. 

There is no telling where you end. 

You stand on the bridge between

the day and the night

the black and the white

the creation and the void.


Ask yourself –

How much can I lovingly hold?”

Judith Whitman-Small  Floodtide: A Collection of Poems  (Ashland Hills Press, 2012)