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Mercury infused with Light Bridge/ Image by Lauren Fox

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This is another HUGE day, aspect wise, but I wanted to reprint a comment sent to me regarding the changing of the Moon’s Nodes…

I did some research on the Moon’s Nodes, and found this to be fascinating:
“The United States was ‘born’ (July 4, 1776) with an Aquarius South Node and Leo North Node, which means this country is having a nodal return. These returns occur only every 18.5 years and can really shake things up. The last one happened in 1998, which was when Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial went down.” 










There are two major events taking place today. First is the third of three Mercury Uranus conjunctions, producing THE new Mercury Uranus cycle. Uranus is well known as the higher octave of Mercury, taking us to a higher version of our mental capacities. Uranus has also just completed a three part conjunction with Eris, and therefore just began a new cycle there too. The latter new cycle is a 100 year cycle and it relates to awakening human consciousness.

Mercury is still moving very slowly. It’s as if everything we’re doing in our lives is going in slow motion. I have discussed Mercury’s very unusual prolonged storm period. This produces a ‘storm’ for us literally and figuratively until it is done, and it won’t be done until Mercury recovers his shadow on May 18th. Today, with Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus, the mental body depositor begins to take his leave of the Light Bridge, albeit slowly. When Mercury resumes his more usual speed, it is going to seem as though everything is taking off, and it may be difficult to get our bearings at that time.

That is why it is so important to make conscious use of the Light Bridge. How? Please, take a look at that image at the top of this column…The bridge depicted here is a High Way, made of Light (higher energies), upon which we can consciously stand to observe the world and our Selves as we move through this slow motion transmutation process. The Light Bridge delivers us to unity consciousness, without the usual need to understand and make sense out of where we are and why.

The lower mind is dying, the higher Mind is being born. To me, this is the essence of the Mercury Uranus new cycle. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission, from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 26:  The man in the moon smiling.

I see everything stretched around me in all directions, to the furthest horizon and beyond. I come from everywhere. I feel part of just about everything I meet. It’s a state I can never describe. How could I invoke the power of being at one with myself and at one with all the world, where both are the same; I and the world.

                What I enjoy most about my dazzling vista is that I can see everything in it’s true perspective. I am given to  sense that which is real, and to be able to hone in on it anywhere. And I know what is trying to impress me and isn’t really there.

                This is what I live for. I need to be directly on the beam with what is happening, what it means, where it is going. Only this can give me the true coordinates. Once I have these, I can do anything that spirit intends.

                It is vital that I spread an energy and awareness wherever I go. I am saying to us all that we can, that the doors are open, that anything is possible, if you really intend it with your whole being. I am that message and it’s ripples.

                Because I am always expanding, never the same twice, I can turn my outward presence into just one big forwarding style, easy to be with, and still retain a ton of freedom on the inside. Nothing catches me for long. My being knows only leaps and bounds.

                The very best thing about me is that I can let the love and the light stream through me effortlessly. I am such a good vehicle for greater purposes. And my outward demeanor always remains energetically just that smile, that look, that suggestive edge.

                Join me in my expanding universe. Be a part of the mystery and the magic. And if you wish to play and love and live in that future fertile frequency, I’m completely with you.”

Quite an amazing image for a Full Moon Day.

And speaking of the Full Moon, that occurs today too. I have been referring to the Scorpio Moon for a couple of days now, and the fact that Pluto is the one planet making aspects to both the Lights (Sun and Moon). This promises great rebirthing, despite some shadow work. We’ll do best to welcome the shadow work at this point. We already know there is no way around it. We must embrace it and become one with it through the power of Love.

The Sun is also headed for a new cycle with Sedna (next week). Sedna is currently presiding over )or reflecting the ongoing process of) reunifying the divine feminine. The whole Summer ahead features the completion of this defragmentation and wholing of the female Self (and that’s for each and every one of us).

Please go and read Anne Harris’ column on today’s full Moon, the link is up at the top of this column. And here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Full Moon degree, again from his book Star Sparks, reprinted with his permission.

Scorpio 21:   A pair of glasses with no lenses in them.

 “We can see whatever we need to see without any help from anybody else or any secondhand opinions, points of view, rumors going around. We don’t want to be influenced by apparent and seductive ways to impose models, ideals, standards. We want life rough, direct, strictly our way.

                Because we are so utterly intent upon carrying through with this uncharted perception, this unmediated awareness, we will do exactly what we set out to do. Instead of making peace with the broader collective versions of what goes on around here, we will stick to our guns and face the consequences of being so adamant and relentless.

                The strength we gather from being so authentic to ourselves is tremendous. We get to see straight and to be so on fire with our truth that our inward soul can manifest in action and in life the way we feel it and know it to be. There are no filters, no go-betweens at all. Few can be this starkly on with core awareness in these times.

                The dilemma we face arises whenever we need to see how others view life or somebody else needs to see as we do through us. There is no verbal and no ready made tool to convey or translate between this interior gaze and anybody else’s version. Usually, we become isolated, set apart to such an extent that we become a law unto ourselves.

                Yet in balance this is the way it has to be. Even if we get swept away with ourselves that is the path we must follow, in order to break through to original, innovative discoveries which arise in this fashion and not in any usual tracks. We have our priorities clear. The only thing to do is keep on with our intense obsessionl track and let it become either a failed mutation, as most are, or one of those rare openings into a whole new way of seeing, understanding, and being with the truth, the bare stark reality. We risk everything for the chance to be crazy enough to see through every disguise and makeup right on time.”

It’s a big day filled with transformation at every level in every nook and cranny. It might be best to realize from the start that this change is occurring at the cellular level, and allow it to just be, so that can just BECOME the new humans we are becoming.


“You are constantly invited to be what you are.”‘

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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