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I mentioned overwhelm in yesterday’s blog and I heard from so many of you who are totally experiencing that. It’s a wild time, and the next few days are no exception. By the beginning of next week the page on this roller coaster ride will have turned, but the days between now and then might just be some of the wildest we’ve ever known. I’m just sayin’… We all need to stay centered, open-hearted, and allow whatever comes down the pike to reveal itself.









Today and tomorrow feature a whole series of Great Eliminators (formerly known as inconjuncts).  We are currently in the middle of the greatest revelation of the shadow that has been at work for centuries, and this is true personally and collectively. You can take a look at the political stage and see clearly the wildness of the moment. (Don’t let it all get to you, because as a highly evolved Light Worker, you know that none of it is real.. it’s all an illusion).


It’s a reflection of the polarization (light and dark) within you. You are (and always have been) made of Light and shadow, and it’s all perfect. At this moment, the Great Eliminators ask us to make choices that are accepting of the things we have habitually avoided or run from, because embracing the parts of our Selves that have unconsciously produced the vast shadows we are looking at in the world right now is the only way to eliminate them. They won’t exactly be eliminated, they will be merged with Light, and we all know what happens when one match is struck in a vast expanse of darkness.


The inconjuncts are forks in the road that demand navigating. If we avoid making the decisions that show up now we effectively stop all movement. A fork in the road requires a choice. (It’s important to realize that when there are two options it is always possible to move forward along both paths… if it doesn’t seem that way to you, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. In the new world EVERYTHING is possible all the time.


Another way I often look at the Great Eliminator is that the fork in the road always involves a High road and a low road. Not to judge them, that’s not the point. The High Road is (and always has been) the path of Love and acceptance. The other road is fraught with fear and contradictions. When you look at it that way, the choice should be clear to you.


It’s time to stop allowing the ego to make excuses about why you can’t make a decision, or worse, why the fear based path is so hard to turn from. It may be hard, but that’s only because fear is an old habit, and old habits are very hard to break. It’s a life altering time, when pages are turning, and new, original chapters are beginning. It’s up to each and every one of us to choose the path with heart.


Love is the only answer. Make sure you are Loving your Self first and foremost, and don’t let your ego insist that Selfish-ness is a “bad” thing. It’s not. It’s a very VERY important thing… and it’s the way to the new world.


“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”

– Marc Chagall