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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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My best advice today is FASTEN your SEAT BELTS! It’s not a coincidence that the Sun moves into Mercury’s sign (Gemini) on the same day that Mercury FINALLY recovers his shadow AND resumes his normal speed after eight long weeks of such slow movement he has been in a perpetual storm. Hopefully, you’ve been tuned to your heart center and paying particular attention to your Self. If you have, you’re ready for take off. And this is most definitely it.












Venus has recovered her shadow, entered the realm of the ongoing Light Bridge, and that means the heart is front and center. But Mercury is ALSO front and center, and that implies a new kind of mind/heart balance is on tap. On top of this, Mars is headed out of bounds now too, taking everything here in the physical world to the next level.


For today, it’s a lot about Mercury, so let’s stay with him. Staying with Mercury no longer means using the questioning mind to understand what is happening. That is, in fact, a great hindrance these days. It is far more important to let the heart determine everything you perceive, by allowing it to resonate with whatever shows up and trusting it to deliver you to your Truth.


The mind has a new operating system, one that bypasses the lower need to grasp and understand what you’re doing before you’re doing it, but the new mind requires a bit of a primer first. Trust your heart. Admit you know nothing. Promise your Self you won’t try and understand what you can’t yet understand and allow your Self the chance to have an unprecedented experience. ONLY THEN will you be able to say you perceive what is.


Mercury starts moving at his more usual speed AND the Sun enters Gemini, and that means the connections we have within the world and with each other take on a higher frequency, both literally and figuratively. IF we are holding on to the need to understand what’s happening, we are, quite frankly, screwed. NOT knowing what’s happening is best because we’re able to let go and let it all be. NOT knowing allows for speedier movement because we’re not holding on the anyone or anything in terms of the way things are going.


The heart matters so much now. As Venus approaches her infusion with the Light Bridge, the open heart, the willingness to let thing be as they are, produces a balance that is essential to move on into the new order. Remember that we are creating it as we go, and that original thought, or the capacity to think beyond anything we know is the key to creating a new world.


It’s all happening now, as the old world dies away. Keep focused on the new, forget the drama and the fear. As everything speeds up, we’ll find we’re home before we know it, and we will recognize it as the original home… the origin of our Being… the Truth. . . the unburdened Truth.


“Enlightenment is simply seeing all of existence from a wordless place.” ~