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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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Wow, there is SO much going on. The only way to stay centered and make sense out of anything right now is to remain consciously focused on your Self and surrender to the reality that most of what’s going on doesn’t make very much sense. Of course it does  in the big picture, but so frequently these days, it is very difficult to comprehend that larger frame of reference. It has to be opened to, allowed… as if the capacity to See is under expansion and that expansion has to get to the right parameters for us to be able to perceive the reality. We aren’t quite there yet.



While Mars travels out of bounds, everything is going to seem pretty ‘out there’. This is a wonderful opportunity to stretch into the unknown, which has become so much of what is going on these days. We are living in a totally unknown quantity right now, and it has to be accepted if we’re ever going to be able to stretch into the new paradigm. That is what has to happen. It has to expanded into.
For expansion, we look to Jupiter, who is preparing to go direct (on June 6) and reenter the Light Bridge energies as the Summer ends. The Light Bridges will be fully activated all summer long, and well into the Fall. The New Moon yesterday began a very busy passage that will bring about much more growth and transformation than we can be aware of at this point. Mars is triggering the new Light Bridge that involved Ixion, Saturn and Quaoar on the Galactic Center, and it’s vital to bear in mind at all times that Mars is out of bounds.
It’s one thing to generate a new Light Bridge from an out of bounds position, and it’s quite another to lead the charge for a long series of other planets to come into the same High Way and lend their energies. This is one out of bounds journey! It seems, more and more, that out of bounds is equivalent to all that is new and also original. We must allow these wild and out there events to transpire, with as little personal interference as possible (i.e., judgement or fear), so that we afford out Selves the full experience of what is currently not on our radar screen.
Trying to identify the unknown is not possible to do with the mind. The mind is full of all its ever known. What is new is not contained within the mind, and that means we need to be out of our minds to grasp what has not yet been perceived. Let the mind die. Let all of its current contents become far less significant than they have ever been and they will begin to fade away as a technicolor new set of parameters begins to flood our senses.
This is the way we must travel through our lives for the foreseeable future… possibly forever. It’s a new world, and a new world demands a new ideation. New ideas can never come from the mind. They must come from a balanced mind/heart/body experience that yields all the possibilities we have never considered before. It’s an awesome, exciting, amazing ride, when we can let it happen.
Toward the end of the weekend Mars will come into the Light Bridge and yet another major pathway will begin to be forged in our new consciousness. There has truly never been a more delicious time to be alive.
“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”