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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

LIVE ATTENDANCE FOR MY 2017 Summer Retreat to Chalice Well, England IS NOW CLOSED!

BUT YOU CAN STILL JOIN US BY CHOOSING FROM TWO REMOTE ATTENDANCE OPTIONS¬†for this very important journey that will focus on reunifying the Divine Feminine…This is important work…¬†Lend your Light to the transmutation of the planet.

AUGUST 19 – 25: CLICK HERE¬† to register for remote attendance….

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Can you feel the major shift coming? That’s a hypothetical question, as everyone is aware of the major bend in the road that is fast approaching. None can say what it is, exactly, and it’s SO important to remember not to try and figure it out. That’s an old habit, and it’s a trap. There is absolutely, positively no way to comprehend something so unprecedented and new. Every thought that is contained within your lower mind is an old one. And further, you’ve thought it a million times. Since the world is created out of the thoughts we think, an old thought is never going to yield something new.



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