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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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Can you feel the major shift coming? That’s a hypothetical question, as everyone is aware of the major bend in the road that is fast approaching. None can say what it is, exactly, and it’s SO important to remember not to try and figure it out. That’s an old habit, and it’s a trap. There is absolutely, positively no way to comprehend something so unprecedented and new. Every thought that is contained within your lower mind is an old one. And further, you’ve thought it a million times. Since the world is created out of the thoughts we think, an old thought is never going to yield something new.



Yet something new is exactly what is manifesting. All the lower four body rulers, that is the Sun and Moon (disposing the spiritual body), Mercury, (disposing the mental body), Venus, (disposing the emotional body) and Mars, (disposing the physical body) are entering into one or the other of the two major Light Bridges that are transmuting life as we know it.
Venus has already connected with Jupiter, (on May 20), and tomorrow will become completely infused with Eris, Uranus and Haumea. The heart is about to be completely upgraded. The connection (polarity) with Jupiter last week began an expansion of the heart that is unlike any other we’ve known. That’s because the Light Bridge has done so much to transform us at the cellular level. All the other lower bodies have been transmuted by this Bridge already. The heart brings up the rear this weekend.
Also this weekend, Mars activates the newest Light Bridge, with Ixion, Saturn and shortly Quaoar. No matter how many times I mention this bridge, it’s action will be a revelation to each and every one of us. This one produces a new, 5D infrastructure upon which we will build our new world.
A new world is created out of new beliefs and ideas. This weekend, as Mars generates and kicks off this new High Way for us to travel, the new paradigm will begin at the physical level. There is no way to know what form this will take before we experience it. It is in everyone’s best interest to stay centered and tuned to Self. Heart open, unconditional and non-judgmental, so that whatever limitless possibilities become available to us can be perceived and embraced.
Honestly, there’s nothing else to do at this point, (save whatever you heart prompts you to do). The heart always Knows what to do, so there is never a need for preconception or planning. Let your heart respond to whatever shows up, and do your very best not to question your own inner guidance.
Questioning is one of our most ancient habits, but the Truth is, it’s the ego’s favorite way to keep you in separation mode. Where you follow the energy, there can be no separation of anything. Everything flows, everything is, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Let your Self BE. The greatest Light infusion you’ve ever known has begun, and it amplifies profoundly this weekend.
Now you have an idea what’s coming. NOW forget about it and let it come, realizing you won’t really know anything about it till you’re through it. That’s all there is to know.


“The words you speak become the house you live in.”