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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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Shelly Leal, who writes our Cosmic Consciousness Monthly column, sent this observation yesterday:
“There is  a beautiful Finger of God today between Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. Wow! If we choose to come from the lower mind, which is fear-based, the illusions and confusions of 3D become expanded. Whatever we think becomes magnified. Yet when we choose to come from the higher Mind, which is Love-based through the heart, and faster than the lower (ego) mind, veils lift and we are enLightened, we See and become a part of the unlimited potential that lies within us all. Now is the time to have faith and trust in the wisdom of our Higher Selves.

I’ve found that when I have a completely new thought (for me), that’s the time to trust it and not dismiss it, allowing it to percolate quietly within with no judgement, classification or explanation…and I know it’s real when it touches my heart, when it feels like a revelation. The involvement of the heart makes all the difference.”

Choice is the thing when a Finger of God appears, and there’s never been a more important time to choose to allow the Higher Mind to do the perceiving, leaving the more habitual, ancient limiting beliefs we’ve carried for so long far behind. Put those old fear based reactions down. Observe them, notice them, but stay as detached as you can, so that the more vital, newer, fresher new paradigms of thought can emerge freely.











As you can see, there’s a lot going on today. There’s a lot going on EVERY day, these days, and it’s hard to say exactly what is generating this very fast paced experience… There’s a lot of Gemini energy happening, and Gemini is a non stop quality of consciousness… It’s like a wheel that spins, and the movement is the main event. Mars is in Gemini and is traveling in uncharted territory. This could very well be the reason for the over the top rapid fire event stacking that’s going on.
It’s hard to digest one happening before another shows up. It’s becoming a way of life. That very well may be the Truth. This kind of very fast movement demands letting go. Holding on to anything has always been painful, but there’s never been anything like this. It’s unprecedented in every way.
That probably speaks to the action of the Light Bridges, two of which are fully activated right now. These Light Brides are connecting the new consciousness with the lower four body system, in alchemical transmutations that are changing everything, from our cells to the political situation to the soular system and everything in between. When one thing transmutes, everything does.
Venus is connecting with Eris and Uranus for the next few days, and bridging with Haumea. This produces a whole new heart experience unlike anything we’ve ever known before. There’s nothing more to say about it, because we don’t know anything about it. YET.
What we do know is that being still, and centered, and open hearted will yield possibilities that we have not had access to before. When these emerge, we will know them because we’ll realize in an instant that they have always been there, we just couldn’t see them.
The new 5D planets are just like that. They aren’t just appearing out of nowhere. They have been there all along. We are developing the consciousness, or expanding into the consciousness that can perceive them. Once we see them we can be sure they are reflecting what is now within us, and the same is true with any new option that turns up now.
That brings us back to the Gemini energy, which is SO MUCH MORE than we have previously perceived. Gemini is not about TWO SIDES, it is profoundly multifaceted, and each facet has its bridge, or polar opposite. The Gemini portion of our consciousness has the unique capacity to reveal to us the true nature of duality.
It offers the Truth of it from the expanded 3D perspective, and the other Light Bridge, Mars in polarity with Ixion, Saturn and Quaoar, is providing the new infrastructure for these realizations. There is much more to duality than we have ever been able to perceive, and when we look to Pluto/Charon and Orcus/Vanth, we begin to understand the multidimensional nature of duality, and its capacity to deliver us back to Oneness.
I would say more about it, but that just came through me. I am being guided to say that this is the theme of this Light Bridge that will be unfolding for months to come. Stay tuned, especially to you, where all there is to know exists.
“Time and space are not conditions in which we live, but modes by which we think.”
~Albert Einstein