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Venus infused with the Light Bridge (Image by Lauren Fox)

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Welcome to June, carrying the ‘6’ vibration… the number of the Divine Feminine. What a perfect way to move into this unprecedented Summertime, the season of the WHOLING of the Feminine, after so many centuries of her absence, and then of remembrance, and more recently her reunification, all of which has delivered us here, to the brink of an entirely new era. We are in the middle of a majorly alchemical process that is transmuting all that we are. We must make full use of the feminine Self, allowing the transformation to fully manifest. There is nothing to do, but let it all be. The rest  has all been done. This is the moment we’ve come here for, and we are here to witness it, not to create it. It is already created, and to make a change here would be to REcreate it. That would produce time, and we have no need of it now.


I wanted to reprint a comment sent to me yesterday by Lauri Ann Lumby, who points out the absolute and origina Truth of the Star Of David:
“The Star of David is also the Anahata – the six pointed star of the Heart Chakra.  Two interlocking triangles, one the masculine, one the feminine.  It represents the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine – wholeness.  The Star of David is also the 2D representation of the 5D/6D  Merkabah.  The Star of David predates Judaism and is the symbol of the Order of Melchizedek – the ancient archetypal order of true Divine alchemy and Divine Magic.   Jesus was said to be a High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek.”
We are currently dealing with a most unique and unprecedented Star of David, the likes of which we have never known before. Light Bridges are like that.. they tend to transform everything. And when the Nodes are involved, the greater picture, the human story, our evolution is the main event.

There is a new crop circle in Wiltshire, England that appeared on May 30, that tells the tale… here it is:
You can’t make this stuff up. If I had to draw the energy of the planetary picture that is currently dominating the cosmos, this would be it. It speaks to the heart, to the balance and to the bigger picture. What an amazing manifestation. These days, nearly every day this week, Venus or Mars activates one of the two Light Bridges directly while simultaneously connecting harmoniously with the other Light bridge. The Nodes are also in on the act. This is the nature of the Star of David. Its energies flow into and through each of the parts of the whole. There is something going on wherever you look, but it has the overall effect of vibrating the whole, biggest picture.
It certainly FEELS as though the entire universe is pulsating right now, doesn’t it?  It’s safe to say the universe IS pulsating, every bit as much as we feel it, always, all the time. To be vibrating with the universal frequencies may seem like a new experience, but it is also one of the most familiar frequencies we know. It’s like breathing. The in the out, the more we move fully into the center of it, the less the ups and downs show and the more the whole harmonious picture is revealed.
What a ride. What a joyful moment. Focus on what is there and forget ALL about what is not there. If you focus on the negative that is all you will be able to know. Afford your Self the best of what is right now, because this is one remarkable moment.


“Look at it like this: it’s not so much that you have to wait for your dreams to come true, but that you GET to – in a Garden of Eden, the paradise of paradises, in the palm of my hand.”
THE UNIVERSE (Mike Dooley)