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Light Bridge Star of David (Image by Lauren Fox)


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 There are a couple of bigger pictures starting to activate (inside the larger major Light Bridged Star of David, of course), and that’s likely to take things WAY over the top for the rest of the week. First, MakeMake is back in the picture, engaged in very interesting connections from Mars and Venus today and tomorrow. This is pretty much the first time MakeMake has come front and center since the US election last year through to the New Year. Back then I said that there is a decided ‘jockeying for position’ between Saturn and Makemake taking place at this time, and it does seem to be bearing itself out right here. Saturn represents the laws we have created and are governed by, and Makemake represents the Divine laws that supersede anything we could ever make up here in 3D. There’s a definite shift taking place right now and it’s about to be unveiled.



Though the chart doesn’t reflect it, there is a Mars MakeMake stepping stone this morning at 8:05am EDT. The stepping stone offers a chance to walk n water… that is, to stay well above the emotional drama of what’s happening and gain the capacity to observe what’s going on from a higher perspective. Tomorrow features a Venus MakeMake Great Eliminator, offering the chance to make some choices about whether or not we can allow the heart to take the lead here.
There’s a lot going on in 3D, and it’s in our best interest to be aware but not involved, and certainly not attached to any of it. It is happening for a reason that is evolutionary, no matter what we wish could be otherwise. This is a moment to allow the heart to make the choices, and not the mind. The Higher Mind is now taking over, and there is a major divine Masculine/Feminine balance there. It is this new balance that is creating the new world, with a lot of help from Quaoar, which is our capacity to perceive new parameters and leave all old belief systems behind.
In 5D there is also a lot going on. At this moment, in THIS here and now, it’s about transmutation, which is delivering us at every level to the new infrastructure of the new world. Interestingly Donald Trump announced a week devoted to infrastructure ahead. You can’t make this stuff up. There is going to be a parallel in 3D to everything that is happening in 5D.
Bridges are in the news, but of course they are. It’s important to watch it all for the brilliant movie it is. It is brilliant because it has been created with a master mind… our own.
Another very important event starting today is the initial energizing of the Full Moon. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7pm EDT, after a 6 hour void. This is the start of the upcoming GIGANTIC Full Moon. That Moon infuses itself into the Light Bridge and the Star of David, AND it is disposed by Jupiter, a planet that is going direct within an hour or so of that full Moon.
That seems like a perfect launching pad to me. Are you ready for the next leg of this adventure? Stay tuned to you.


“The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people, and reality to something more positive … and begin to act accordingly.”
– Shakti Gawain,