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Light Bridge Star of David (Image by Lauren Fox)


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There’s a life altering day ahead. A Full Moon, with its depositor (Jupiter) going direct, AND a Venus Mars Resource, all within less than three hours of each other. In 5D, that’s all in one moment! I personally am beginning this day at home in New Jersey and ending it in Dublin, beginning a week long retreat/workshop with my Teacher. That means there’s a life altering week ahead. I have learned in the 15 years that I have writing a daily blog that what is happening for me is happening for everyone, each in his or her own way. 
This means that on the occasion of a culmination or blossoming of a Gemini new Moon (2 weeks ago), The Sun and Moon will make their way (over the course of the next few days) into the Light Bridge that is the High Way to the new infrastructure that is transmuting our world so profoundly at this moment.



The Full Moon sits half way between the Great Attractor (Source of our home four cluster system, or Source of our Source of our Source0 and our own Galactic Center (OUR Source). That’s a whole lot of Source consciousness lighting up the world. The Full Moon is also conjunct Saturn, Ixion and Quaoar, the triple conjunction that is generating an entirely new structure to our existence.
Jupiter, disposing the Full Sagittarius Moon goes direct at 13 Libra 13 today, and automatically begins his journey back to a full blown infusion with the OTHER Light Bridge, the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness. Jupiter’s station today within one hour of the Full Moon it disposes is commensurate with a blast off of the highest order.
These two Light Bridges make up the better part of the ongoing Star of David, which will be in effect for some time to come. The other two points of the six pointed star that is gracing the cosmos and reflecting what is going on within each of us at this time are the Moon’s nodes, the collective Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.
The Moon’s nodes are vortices that connect our physical experience with the invisible realm and the karmic earth plane, and they are most profoundly involved in the eclipses we experience. This summer contains the PARTICLE CONVERGENCE Soular eclipse on August 21, just a few days before Saturn goes direct and two weeks before Jupiter reenters the Light Bridge he helped to created last December.
What I’m saying is that this is a hugely transformative time that speaks to our social consciousness AND the reemergence of the fully unified Divine feminine. A Star of David is the original sacred symbol depicting the true masculine feminine balance that is the birthright of every being on the planet, and when activated with the Higher consciousness being generated by the current Light Bridges turns into the MERKABA. That is what is happening here. (I’ll talk about the Merkaba and the Venus Mars Resource tomorrow).
Here are two of Ellias Lonsdale’s meditatiions, the first for today’s full Moon and the second for the Jupiter station. Both passages are reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. Please check out Anne Harris’s article on the Cosmic Consciousness of the Full Moon.
First the Full Moon (WOW):

  Sagittarius 19:  A monstrous sea creature dead, washed up on the beach.

                “In collective terms, those great beings who became most submerged in the depths of this world since ancient times have been haunting us, have been hounding us, have been accompanying humanity’s Earth journey with their unheard, yet deeply felt lamentations, cries, reminders, throwbacks, timeless calls. And their legacy lives on in forms that don’t seem connected to them overtly whatsoever.
                They are still here amongst us and they adaptively disguise themselves in every conceivable pattern on the outside. But their vibration underlyingly is immutable. They bear lost worlds, hidden meanings. And they are always in our midst dying, bleeding, suffering, at odds with the way we live our lives nowadays.
                Such beings cannot prevail. They will not change. So they are put through chaotic and turbulent cycles repeatedly. Yet something comes of all this. Death is just a point along the way.
                These ones are resilient. They are resourceful. They are fabulously gifted with abilities we have lost track of. They can navigate through the harshest passages by an inner deep instinct not for survival, but for putting them into new states, which are the same as before, only hardier, steadier, more on the beam.
                Something vital is being carried through this form. It has to do with remaining attuned to that which others pass over. It’s a repository of specialized spheres which need to be hidden yet staying with themselves in defiant disregard of fashion conveniences.
                This comes down to a root indomitable conviction that we must stay in touch with source origins through changing times and know the vast missing places intimately.”
And this one for Jupiter’s station:

  Libra 14:  A chariot pulled by four elephants.

               “Libra is under heavy constraint. She has a rhythm which has been evolving consistently for lifetimes. It’s a rhythm of keeping herself back inside and remaining passive to the flow of life all around her. She has come to treat the world like a dream. She inhabits a deep trance. Yet within that overlay, something else happens.
                Libra is sprung from the literal external facts and events to recreate herself from within, while her previous karmas play out upon the surface. This gives her a very different vantage point. She is fabulously removed from the drama of life. And is deeply absorbed within the future, which for her is an entirely different realm.
                Libra thus becomes split in four directions. The far left part of her creates the future, without any limits whatsoever. The far right part of her trances out into past karmic patterns with no feeling, no preference, nothing but resignation and the ability to track with things as inevitable and just there.
                The close left part of her is seeking to integrate her future dreams with her present reality. This one is hard pressed, working far too assiduously for far too little result. But she is the key of destiny.
                The close right part is convinced that what is happening is very strange. This part is a commentator, a joker. Often verbally, this part will deflect much of the ongoing continuum and pretend that it’s a game, a joke, something none of us can ever get engrossed within.
                The close right part serves as perfect shadow. The close left part becomes earnest and dedicated. The deeper sisters dream and live past fate and say nothing.”
There’s so much unfolding.. such vast, multidimensional themes, and these will replace the repetitive linear, flatter themes that have dominated our consciousness for so many eons. We are arriving home.

“Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on.

– Iyanla Vanzant

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