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THURSDAY JUNE 22, 7-8:30PM EASTERN Attend the Live call or not. ALL registrants automatically receive the MP4. CLICK HERE to register. EXCHANGE: $30

LIVE ATTENDANCE FOR MY 2017 Summer Retreat to Chalice Well, England IS FULL!

BUT Please lend your energy to this all important event with your remote participation. TWO OPTIONS¬†are available.¬†AUGUST 19 – 25: CLICK HERE¬†to register for¬†etheric attendance….

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I am going to reprint a few different comments from faithful readers regarding the new divine Feminine…
First, from Lauri Ann Lumby:
“Something I keep feeling within myself and hearing from my female friends is the description of a fierce power that is rising up within them in defense of their Soul – and in every case (including my own), they are describing this feeling as “anger” or “rage.”¬† I am more and more certain that this energy is not anger or rage at all…..but is simply the strength of the fire within us to stand up for ourselves.¬† Because this is such a foreign energy and in the past we had to get damn angry before we would/could stand up for ourselves, we think this too is anger (perhaps because this is such a new energy to us and we don’t yet have a name for it).¬† But it is not.¬† We don’t¬† yet have a name for this….but it is a combination of strength, self-assuredness, assertiveness (not aggression), courage, confidence and the SURETY of what we need/want and having the (Divine Masculine) power within us to stand up for what we are sure of….with no apologies, no excuses, no bargaining.¬† It just is.¬† This is true Divine empowerment… violence needed and no powerlessness (apologies).¬† Just surety and standing up for what we know we need/want/deserve.¬† It is a beautiful and honest thing.”
I am grateful to all who contribute their brilliant insights, we all need to hear them.

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