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I am going to reprint a few different comments from faithful readers regarding the new divine Feminine…
First, from Lauri Ann Lumby:
“Something I keep feeling within myself and hearing from my female friends is the description of a fierce power that is rising up within them in defense of their Soul – and in every case (including my own), they are describing this feeling as “anger” or “rage.”  I am more and more certain that this energy is not anger or rage at all…..but is simply the strength of the fire within us to stand up for ourselves.  Because this is such a foreign energy and in the past we had to get damn angry before we would/could stand up for ourselves, we think this too is anger (perhaps because this is such a new energy to us and we don’t yet have a name for it).  But it is not.  We don’t  yet have a name for this….but it is a combination of strength, self-assuredness, assertiveness (not aggression), courage, confidence and the SURETY of what we need/want and having the (Divine Masculine) power within us to stand up for what we are sure of….with no apologies, no excuses, no bargaining.  It just is.  This is true Divine empowerment… violence needed and no powerlessness (apologies).  Just surety and standing up for what we know we need/want/deserve.  It is a beautiful and honest thing.”
I am grateful to all who contribute their brilliant insights, we all need to hear them.

And this is from Anne:
“I’ve been noticing the same thing in myself and in the women I know for quite some time now.  Yes, this is a fire of strength, assertiveness, courage and strength.  I’m not sure it’s something new but, more likely, something that’s been so deeply buried that it feels like something new.  And I don’t think we should be afraid of the word anger.  We women who were born into the 20th century were taught (overtly and subtly) that we shouldn’t express anger.  Angry women were not nice.  Look at the derogatory words that have been used for feminine anger that aren’t prescribed to masculine anger.  When our anger built up and spilled out, we were the ones who cleaned up the mess, not the person or situation who hurt us.  We were taught that anger (which is based in fear) had consequences.  Often those consequences didn’t involve justice for us.  Anger teaches us where our boundaries are.  And our boundaries have been stepped on for millennia.

The Sacred Feminine coming awake in us doesn’t just have the form of the loving, encompassing arms and hearts of Mother Mary or Kuan Yin.  The Sacred Feminine is also the fierce justice of Hecate and Kali.  There’s balance.  It’s true power.  When we own that true power and allow it to BE within us, we can be calm and fierce at the same time…..”with no apologies, no excuses, no bargaining. It just is.”  This New World is built on the true balance of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.  We can own ALL of ourselves now.  I’ve noticed it takes a bit of time to understand and integrate this fire.  Be gentle with your sweet Self and allow the integration.”

We are heading into the infusion of the Sun, which is our very consciousness, into the Light Bridge that is delivering the new infrastructure to our experience. The Divine Feminine MUST be a completely, totally equal part of that fabric. Our entire future depends on it.
The best way to understand the feminine part of you is to realize what part of you just IS. In what ways are you just BEING, open to what comes, surrendered to what is, coming from the heart, LETTING your Light shine and your beautiful energy show. This is feminine consciousness and it is very magnetic.
Practice working with your conscious awareness of just BEING today and see if you can’t experience the incredible magnetism that goes along with it.
Also during the week ahead, Neptune goes retrograde followed very soon by Chiron. These archetypes are currently moving through the limitless realm that is Pisces. Pisces is the ocean. where the divine feminine is being made whole again. Is it any wonder Chiron is there? With these changes of direction, the process related to the Divine Feminine wholing ALSO takes a very important turn… toward Source.
A retrograde planet moves clockwise, toward Source. It’s only when we were in 3D that a retrograde planet seemed harder to work with. Just go in, and attune to Source, and suddenly it all becomes so much easier to realize the higher purpose of it all.
Stay tuned to you.


“I am in Love with Love and Love is in Love with me. My body is in Love with the Soul and the Soul is in Love with my body. I open my arms to Love and Love embraced me like a lover.” ~Rumi