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From Dublin:
It seems that I start these blogs nearly every day lately with a heads up about how intense the aspects are. But THIS one is off the hook. There are five major (dynamic) planetary events and two more subtle (minor) aspects involving planets other than the Moon. That is one huge lot of planetary activity that will surely translate into plenty of important scenes. Four of these aspects involve Mercury, and that is fully half of what’s happening. Hopefully we can consciously choose to come from the higher mental operating system instead trying to understand anything that’s going on.







Mercury makes 2 subtle connections with Saturn and then Uranus first thing this morning. That sets us up for a day of awakening, because any time Saturn and Uranus are involved we are moving from the outer edges of the physical realm into the beginnings of the higher consciousness. The new mental operating system is just about completely installed, and so we can get a real chance to experience the new system in operation.
Venus manifests with (trines) Orcus today too, and this is one of the first aspect a planet makes after it moves into a new sign, setting us up for a heart centered awareness of our own lineage and/or immortality. There must be a good reason for this type of experience, and it might have to do with the other aspect that relates to the invisible realm, a Ceres Pluto Great Eliminator.
That connection bears some focus. Ceres and Pluto are profoundly related to each other, as they were both switched to dwarf planet status at the same time. Additionally, they are both part of the Persephone mythology. Ceres is the Mother, Demeter, and Pluto is the ‘Lord of the Underworld’ currently the Gatekeeper to the new consciousness. Together these two have a pact… to nurture and care for Persephone, the young maid, the powerful expression of the earthy feminine energies.
The Great Eliminator brings us all to a fork in the road. Ceres or Pluto, feminine mother energy or overseer of the higher Self? They are not necessarily divergent or even separate… just distinctive, and these distinctions become clear today, because they are meant to.
And the biggest fanfare of all today has to go to the Sun Haumea Manifestation. This brings the Sun officially into the Light Bridge that serves as the High Way to Awakened consciousness. If we get still enough today, we will all experience our Selves on the High Way, walking home together. The Sun will be part of the Light Bridge for the next few days, infusing our consciousness and our spiritual bodies with the new awakened unity consciousness. We are truly all one.
Stay tuned to you connected with every other One.


“When we accept that all relationships are here to make us conscious instead of happy, then relationships will offer us perfect alignment with Consciousness.” ~Eckhart Tolle