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Light Bridge Star of David (Image by Lauren Fox)


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From Dublin:
We are seeing much evidence of the Sun’s infusion with the New infrastructure Light Bridge… Life on the 3rd dimension is heating up big time, and it’s just getting started. There’s a need to be somewhat open to what comes, without fear or preconceived notions. This is truly the beginning of the end of the polarized world and the beginning of the journey through the portal to the new one.









It’s important to remember that whatever’s going on is good to know about, but definitely NOT to get attached to or to be in judgement over. NO JUDGEMENT. Being informed makes it possible to respond to the shadows that are permeating the planet with compassion and Love.
Responding with a heart that understands is the key to assisting the ending of the polarization. It should be clear that the end is near. There is no sense in getting too embroiled in any of it. Let it come into your awareness, open your heart, and let it all go.
Be the Love you already know is creating the new world. Be that Love and nothing else. These final dying gasps of the patriarchy require the Light of your Love to be completely transmuted. While the Sun infuses itself into this Light Bridge with Saturn, Ixion and Quaoar, everything changes.
It begins with our consciousness, and then that new awareness is applied to the new mental operating system which resides in the heart. With newly awakened perception, a new world is manifested right before our eyes. Mercury and Ceres will enter into this Light Bridge over the next week or so, and Ceres will remain there, keeping it wide open for all who are ready to be reborn into the new world.
The day has been an intense one, even in the amazing workshop I am attending. It’s a time to receive and just be. Allow whatever shows up in your world to be, exactly as it is, and send it Love and Light and all the compassion in your heart.
And stay tuned to you.


“Sit quietly and send peace from your heart to all beings of all the worlds. Oceans may empty, but there is no end to Love and Peace, so share it always in selfless service; this is worship.” ~Papaji