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There’s a wild and crazy week ahead… in the middle of a wild and crazy month. This seems to be the new norm, and it’s likely in our best interest to accept it, allow it, surrender to it, whichever word works best for you. I want to thank Josie A. for the following:
“The most powerful teaching on “Surrender” I have experienced comes from Caroline Myss.  She describes it as an Initiation,  a mystical act where the element being negotiated is not defeat, it is power.  The relationship is between oneself and the forces of creation and Surrender forces us to confront how we have structured our lives to be a reasonable experience – the illusion that our lives should never have pain.  Ultimately, the Initiatory Act of Surrender is giving our power to the cosmic plan.”
The week ahead can be thought of as an Initiation of this kind…









There’s a strange phenomenon this week, with many many 5D planet aspects occurring today and especially tomorrow, followed by a day (Wednesday) with only one aspect, a Mercury Saturn stepping Stone. Wednesday definitely qualifies as a cork-popping day, and a Mercury Saturn stepping stone should bring important news or information our way. As awakened souls, whatever comes should provide a major step up the ladder, as long as we surrender to it all. This might just be our initiation day… when all is said and done.
On Tuesday the Black Moon makes four connections, and one of them is the 22nd conjunction with Saturn. And today the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, and this is part of a major Light Intersection that has just formed and will be in effect for a couple of years. Yesterday the Black Moon conjoined with Quaoar, and the day before that bridges with Chiron. The Light Intersection, formed by a Chiron MakeMake Light Bridge with a Quaoar intersection, is being triggered by the Divine Feminine voice that is the Black Moon this week. This will happen again a few times before the Black Moon moves on in August.
And the 5D Light Intersection represents (more accurately reflects) the brand new paradigm that is birthing as we go, bringing the universal laws and our capacity to perceive them fully into our consciousness. And whatever we bring into our consciousness becomes our world.
Today also features a Sun MakeMake Great Eliminator. That’s a lot of MakeMake focus today, which is important, because MakeMake is such an important part of the new paradigm. Chiron will be in a Light Bridge with MakeMake for at least two years, bringing the new laws of one and love, among others, to the planet. Today’s Great Eliminator seems to reflect the need for conscious choice. Wherever an older law that is now outdated comes into view, it is truly up to us, up to ANYONE who is awake, to make the choice for the higher law.
This is just the beginning of a majorly transformational week. Be in a state of allowing it all to unfold, and stay with it.
“Peace is present in every moment.
Remove the shroud of thought.
Where can peace not be found?”
~Wu Hsin