Cosmic Consciousness: The Moons Nodes in your Birth Chart are the Blueprint of your Souls Evolution and the Gateway to Transcending Time and Separation Consciousness.

Written by Stephanie Azaria with Christine Clemmer
From the very start, astrologers have recognized the powerful significance of the Moon’s Nodes and their relevance to the soul’s purpose through an incarnation. The Moon’s South Node represents karma, or the sum total of circumstances that ties you to the Earth. The Karmic Node in the birth chart holds specific lessons and experiences that each individual is required to break through and resolve during the course of a lifetime. The North Node, or dharma, is always in an exact polarity to the South Node, and it has long been perceived as the doorway to evolution, allowing for access to higher wisdom to complete an incarnation. From the 3D perspective (the perspective of separation consciousness and linear time), the connection between the Moon’s nodes has been perceived as a polarity, meaning that because these points are in direct opposition to each other, the individual’s journey has been to move away from karmic experience and towards the ultimate destination of one’s dharma.
But by accessing the observer’s (5D) perspective of the Nodes (the perspective of unity consciousness and the realization that everything is energy) it becomes clear that the duality we have long experienced is actually a bridge that connects the two points eternally. The energies between these two points are actually continuously spiraling freely in both directions. When there is any kind of energy block present in this bridge the spiral is met with resistance and disrupted. The debris must then be cleared in order to experience the full range of consciousness that is bestowed by the kundalini forces that move through us at all times. When we recognize this new relationship between karma and dharma limitless revelations abound, and the implications are stunning.
The Moon’s Nodes are points that are found in your birth chart. They are actually the places where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth meets the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, and are extremely important “doorways” within the birth chart of each and every human being. Every system of astrology places great emphasis on them. But we have never truly understood them, and there’s good reason for that: they are the places within our earthly existence where the 5D Self interfaces with the 3D self. We could not perceive this before we reached a 5D perspective. Like so many things that were “invisible” to the 3D naked eye, the true meaning of the Nodes was imperceptible to us. The Nodes travel backwards through the zodiac and complete one orbit every 19 years. Nothing else, except for an occasional retrograde planet (and that is temporary), moves in a clock wise direction around the chart. This fact in itself has incredible significance.
Cosmic Consciousness maintains that the clockwise motion is the way to Source. That is, the new astrology puts forth that all of life is built upon the golden ratio which generates the Fibonacci spiral. That spiral is the basis of all life. Each of us exists as a spark of light that is eternal and evolving on its own spiral. The evidence of that is in our DNA. That spiral can be traveled two ways: counter clockwise, or downward, toward the physical realm and separation consciousness, or clockwise, upward toward the higher dimensions of Source and unity consciousness. If you look at it this way, it is easy to understand that at the highest point of that spiral we merge with Source. We are One with Source…ALL of us.
If you were to slice the spiral horizontally, to represent the road map of this particular incarnation, you could look at it straight on and see your birth chart, right there in your DNA. That is, you would see your energy field, with its 12 mansions (sectors), populated with the entire Solar System, and expanded to include all the new planets (aka our new consciousness) that we have awakened to in the past decade.
If you consciously choose to move around that chart, (now seen as a clock), clockwise, you are moving toward Source, and all the attendant consciousness that goes with that movement will naturally emerge. This is the basis of Cosmic Consciousness and more specifically of the Cosmic Path of Initiations, which is a ‘wholing’ modality that takes you around your own energy field and shows you how to stay tuned to your higher Self, all the while clearing out the density (karmic debris) that litters your quantum space. This cycle of movement around your birth chart is always occurring, whether you’re conscious of it or not. The Cosmic Path of Initiations is designed to bring your consciousness to this pattern, allowing for Right Action (which comes from the heart), to interrupt the unconscious fear based responses that keep recreating your karmic patterns. All the karma your soul has ever accrued exists right here in your energy field and is contained in the cellular memory of your physical body and in your DNA.
The Moon’s Nodes move clockwise naturally and they represent the part of you that exists beyond this physical incarnation. The Nodes represent the DNA that is your genetic connection to this lifetime and this body. They represent your individual karma and your Soul’s specific urge toward evolution. And with our newly elevated perspective what we have suspected all along is finally clear…that our karma is not separate from our family’s karma…and that healing (which in the new consciousness can be seen as ‘wholing’, or becoming unified) your own karmic situation can heal (evolve) your family’s karma for many generations backward and forward.
From the observer’s (5D) perspective it is revealed that the Moon’s Nodes are directly connected to the double helix spiral of our DNA, representing the yin and yang, becoming an intrinsic part of the system of energy centers known as chakras. In fact, the South and North Nodes actually are the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras. They reveal the path of human transformation, soul evolution and unity consciousness within each soul. This is the key to transcending our own physicality, clearing ancient karmic debris from our own energy field and extending that clearing even to our past and future ancestral lineage. It ultimately produces an understanding of our chakra system as it relates to the planets, activating an unprecedented intergalactic relationship with all that is, that is highly evolved, expansive, and infinitely multidimensional.
THIS is exciting groundbreaking news on so many levels.
The Nodes represent the whole of our evolutionary process, they are the merging between 3D and 5D that has always been there, we just didn’t perceive it before. The Nodes generate a bridge in each of our lives, with the South Node representing the doorway through which we enter this lifetime and our connection to Earth, and the North Node representing the doorway we evolve toward and will ultimately exit this incarnation through, returning back to Source. We go back and forth, or at least it used to appear that way, and these two points are arguably (and have always been) the two most important and sensitive points in the birth chart.
From the 5D perspective, these highly charged entry/exit points are always in play, and our life force energy is always moving toward one and away from the other, simultaneously. With this new higher consciousness, we can now transcend the whole process that causes us to care about which direction we are moving toward. It is not true that one is better or more important than the other. That our energy is free to flow between them is what matters, and letting go of judgment allows us the chance to experience what’s really going on.
When we let go of the preconceived notion that dharma is better than karma, or that the journey “should” be linear and moving away from the past (aka our darkness), we can see how important it is to lift our focus to include our karma while accessing our dharma so that it doesn’t become an either/or situation, which leads back to separation and fragmentation (3D consciousness). There tends to be a collective resistance to owning our darkness by illumination, meaning there’s a tendency to resist reentering darkness (our past karma) once we reach the light (our dharma).
If we perceive the darkness to exist outside of us, we must also realize that it exists within, and from the 5D perspective it is all embraced with unconditional Love. Wholeness comes from the whole circle, or the whole birth chart…multidimensionally…not a flat ring on a linear surface or a sheet of paper. As long as we have a physical body, we can thread 5D consciousness into the dense, shadowy lower vibrations of physicality. Our journey to wholeness becomes an upward clockwise spiral, not a line that facilitates separation and an endless journey around a circle.
5D isn’t separate from 3D, it transcends and includes it. We cannot detach from 3D to reach 5D, we reach 5D by embracing 3D unconditionally…Likewise we can’t reach our dharma by separating from our karma. We evolve into our dharma by loving, allowing and transcending our karma. If we try to separate from 3D, to actively disconnect from fear or judgment, we fragment internally, which creates inflammation, resistance, and inner chaos…and this in turn gets added to the original 3D experience we were trying to “not” be caught up in. It’s a form of bypass that doesn’t work in 5D. The primary focus is not about eliminating the fear, the focus is on loving the Self unconditionally, through the fear, and as that occurs, the fear begins to subside, and the new operating system emerges.
This revelation about the Nodes is a huge breakthrough to Cosmic Consciousness and it has major implications for all of humanity. When we come to understand that the South Node is actually the Earth Star Chakra and the North Node is literally the Soul Star Chakra, we can begin to fully realize the physical body for the divine vehicle that it is. There is so much to explore.