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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • Moon enters Capricorn: 12:26pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 5:35am – 12:26pm
  • Black Moon is Retrograde
                 BLACK MOON TURNS DIRECT

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Well it turns out the Quaoar Earth Star Communion became exact yesterday, at 1:02am EDT. It will remain in effect unti March 24, when the Earth Star Node will pull away from Quaoar by more than 1 degree. By April 5, the Earth Star Chakra will be exactly half way between Quaoar and Ixion. And it till take until MAY 4 for the Earth Star Node to reach the end of Capricorn, enter Sagittarius and come together with Ixion at 29 Sagittarius 59. World Axis. I have talked about Quaoar and Ixion traveling together many times. Everyone alive on the planet right now has these two planets no further than 10 degrees apart, and usually much much closer. It is a “communion” that marks every single birth chart for all of humanity at this time. They will not begin to move away from each other until approximately 2050. That should tell us something about the timing of our entry into the new order.

This is a big day, and it leads us into an even bigger week. The aspects that occur this year are rare, and the aspects that are coming up are also very unusual. The aspects reflect all that is going on within us. What you see in them is your own reflection. Remember that none of what you “see” is real, it’s just a reflection of your own mental construct. Our work right now is to lift up above those ancient constructs that have kept us stuck in our ego-oriented fears for so many millennia. This is it. The perfect moment to take it upon your Self to step out of your older constructs and into the new ones that manifest as you allow them.
Today Mercury reenters Pisces on his way back to recovering his shadow. As he moves into the sign of universal limitless consciousness, the Black Moon turns direct in Pisces after a couple of weeks traveling retrograde through this sign. The Black Moon, Mercury Neptune and the Sun are all radiating a powerful stellium that offers each and every one of us the space and the consciousness to take our older more limiting beliefs and leave them behind, once and for all.
You may have noticed that I put up Nancy Pelosi’s chart today. That’s because someone asked me if it looked at all as though she might end up in a position of leadership in the near future. (If the President AND the Vice President were actually infected with the virus, and were rendered unable to work, even for a limited time, Nancy Pelosi, as Majority Speaker of the House would become the acting President.
It is the time of the woman. I said it in my Political Webinar about the next administration ending up with a woman running the show, and I would not be surprised if this happened even sooner. Even if it is temporary. Nancy Pelosi has a stunning Grand water Manifestation in her birth chart that involves her world axis Scorpio Moon, her Chiron rising on the rising portal of Truth at 19 Cancer, and her Mercury (R) Black Moon conjunction, which happens to be elevated in her chart and conjunct the Black Moon station today.
Grand Water manifestations are the mark of the resurging Divine Feminine. There are many indicators of activity at her mid heaven. Her Aries Sun is conjunct Astraea and Eris right on the mid heaven portal of Truth, and Chiron and Salacia (and very shortly the Black Moon again) will be transiting there… Within the next two weeks.
Her disposing planet, Mars, is part of an earth manifestation with Quaoar and Neptune, and the transiting Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and company Capricorn stellium forms a perfect Grand Earth Manifestation, also during the next month or so. While it’s true that Nancy Pelosi is in the spotlight right now, this looks bigger than that. I am not fond of making predictions, especially specific ones, but it’s clear that she will take center stage in the weeks ahead.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Black Moon station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his amazing book Star Sparks:

  Pisces 17:  A kangaroo and her baby, who looks out from the mother’s pouch.

               “Coming from the sharp vantage point of being granted a guided tour through this world on a very free basis and not being able to take our eyes off the eye-popping  insistence of what we see, hear, feel, witness, and move through. We are so vigilant and alert, so stunned and delighted and crushed and pervasively moved by what we are exposed to.
               The possibility here looms large for tapping this point of reference for a much greater purpose. We can send on to greater cosmic beings the vibrant essence of our experience down below. Or we can be a portal for the collective to come to whole new ways of sensing what is going on here and why.
               Whatever we make of it, that which we directly sense and are intimately inside of is a magical child’s dream of what life in earth would be like if you retained your wide-eyed innocence and kept on being aware at the level you started out to be. We can camouflage this level of experience and submerge it far enough to guard it on the inside and keep it a secret. Or in the best of circumstances, we can stay with this original gift and be a rare voice for what is natural, what is primal, what is devoid of outer worldly overlays.
               The one great shadow here is that we must be friend, sister, brother, mother, father to ourselves to keep this enlarged way of being inwardly alive. If we should falter in our intimate alliance with ourselves, life becomes hollow, empty, without substance or meaning.
               We are intended inside this frequency to restore and retain original primal mind, so as to provide the earth’s picture when the human pattern no longer seems the only way to fathom life’s mysteries. We are granted such a golden chance to remember, to stay inside, and to champion deep priorities.”


Within the Heart of the world
exists a Light
radiating forth
filling us with the mother’s love
filling each of us
who is no more special in her eye
than any other
of all her beloved children
Sit within her light
let it bathe your soul
washing away those
bits of shadow
clinging so tenaciously
that your Light may shine
ever brighter
ever more clearly
An agreed upon amnesia
has clouded your minds
you have forgotten your own
you were born of the stars
of the gods and goddesses
but now
you may no longer
sleep and forget
Arise and awaken
Children of light
I beseech you
This is the moment
for the Heart/Mind to speak
in union within yourself and
with others who walk beside
As she bathes you
With her light
so must you offer your light
in service to love
Beautiful children
of the One Love
the dream is over
the experiment finished
Offer your love
as gift and breath 
Your Light is who you are
not the name you carry
or the face you wear
let your wings unfurl
let your heart’s voice sing
in joyous counterpoint
to the song of heaven
Remember who you are
Arise and awaken 
Channeled by Jan Finley