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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 9:39pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 7:06pm – 9:39pm
  • Black Moon is Retrograde
  • 4:4 Star Gate
                          Aries Stellium Gathers

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In just a few more days, one week fro today, to be precise, Jupiter and Pluto will come together for the first of three conjunctions that will all take place this year. All three of these events occur at or around the same degree, 24 Capricorn, which is also where the Saturn Pluto new cycle occurred on January 10. You may or may not remember that back in January, and as early as Christmas time, all the personal planets were aspecting Saturn and Pluto, triggering at the very personal level what that event would be about. The best astrologer on the planet would have told you it typically has to do with war, but no one would have predicted this all out war with a virus we’ve never seen before. Talk about a REAL world war.

A few days ago Mars had a new cycle with both Jupiter and Pluto, and yesterday Venus manifested with Jupiter, and she manifests with Pluto today. Back when the year opened, the news of the viral epidemic that was blasting China had us all scratching our heads. And as each of the personal planets came into contact with the Saturn Pluto new cycle, the epidemic turned into a global pandemic and the rest is history. Well, we are actually still living through it, so it isn’t quite history yet.
But now the personal planets are making contact with the Jupiter Pluto conjunction, and while it  will take much of the Spring and Summer for us to be able to realize fully what this new energizing means, we are being shown glimpses of it all right now. In fact, being fully present in the moment, AT ANY given moment, lifts the blinds and makes it so much more possible to SEE what’s manifesting.
We are in the last day of the Mercury shadow journey. Tomorrow evening the Great Messenger, who presides over the mental body, moves on into new territory and a new chapter of communication and connection begins. Interesting, isn’t it that the Moon slips into Gemini tonight, at 9:39pm EDT, setting the atmospheric stage for Mercury’s new beginning?
We are also experiencing two days in a row that contain ZERO Black Moon aspects. When the Black Moon isn’t dancing, she is revealing the Truth. She is standing, fully empowered, with her arm raised high, and a giant plum is perched on her thumb for all to see. It’s days like these when being here now becomes so important. When we are fully present, there is very little we miss. And the more we See, the more we realize about what is manifesting.
There’s a final Mercury Orcus Light Bridge today, the third of three, which should bring plenty of revelation about the higher Mind and what it is capable of. AND Mars comes together for a new cycle with Chariklo. Chiron’s female counterpart and the Great Stabilizer of all wholing processes. That should deliver some great energy to the new order that is coming together at this time.
As long as we don’t reach for some reality that has not yet presented itself… as long as we resist the temptation to name the things we are beginning to perceive before they solidify fully, there is no limit to what we can discern. These are Pluto aspects. I am fond of referring to Pluto as the ‘transporter beam’ on the Enterprise. We are mid transport. We can know that, but we don’t have a clue where we will land.
Even though we set those coordinates in the first place, we have never been to where we’re going before…. at least not in a very long time… too long to remember anything about it… We must allow the manifestation before we go naming it. We must hold the Light that is so essential to its manifestation. We must be present in every moment and remember at all times that we are THE CREATOR.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mars Chariklo New cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:


   Capricorn 29:  An architect carefully surveying old ruins.

                “He sees something. He witnesses how what once was great becomes lost over time. And when he goes into it, as he must, he realizes that there was something inherent in the greatness that was flawed. He then gives himself the task of tracking down the flaws, of obsessing upon what went wrong, and of seeking to teach himself and others, the lessons involved in the greatness that goes for a tumble and looses it’s glory.
               This study, this research, this investigation cuts close to the bone.  Just about everything is implicated, just about everybody is part of the syndrome. The further you look, the greater the evidence that falsehood, corruption, distortion of every kind is at the crux point of what has made the world such a mess. And it is very hard to believe in anything else when you fill your screen of awareness with doubts and proofs that doubt is       and the only reasonable attitude.
               Then the path becomes to begin to find an integration after empowering consciousness to take charge. This is quite a challenge. He must find proof that there is something worth championing in this world which can endure and can stand up to inspection.
               Sadly, if you impose skepticism upon what is being observed, you skew your experiment to render it very hard to generate sufficient space to foster that which can reveal a whole different side to life. The only way the skeptical mind set can outwit itself in this tight      is if a vision is uncovered, a lost track retraced, an ancient hunch restored to the light of day. Then the one who has gone so far into the modern vantage point may be propelled beyond it, in order to see the scope and magnitude of what is really here when you strip yourself of all negative assumption whatsoever.”
“We have to learn to live our life as a human being deeply. We need to live every breath deeply, so that we have peace, joy and freedom as we breathe.”
~Thich Nhat Hanh