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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo
  • Moon enters Virgo: 5:19pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 8:53am – 5:19pm
  • 4:4:4 Star Gate

Venus Pleiades Communion

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I hope you will join me for my Annual Live Spring Equinox Webinar later today.. The link to register is at the top of this column… There has never been a more important time to gather all the consciousness astrology has to offer. I chose today for this event for a very particular reason… Well, a few of them… It’s the first 4:4:4 Star Gate of the month, and it’s also the first Jupiter Pluto conjunction of the year (there are two more up ahead). And beyond that, Venus is transiting the Pleiades right now. She formed an amazing new cycle with Alcyone, the main star of the Pleiades last night. It was visible to the naked eye. This is a precious and very positive vibration being injected into the atmosphere at this time… a moment when we need it very much.

The triple four star gate promises major new structure in an ongoing mysterious blob of energies… Four brings clarity and strength. It opens doors after it manifests them. It is both grounded and magical at the same time. This is the first of three 4:4:4 Star Gates this month. It is the “blast” if you will, the pure expression of what the star gate brings.. The two that follow, (4/13 and 4/22) express higher harmonics of the same energy. A Star Gate is like a combination lock that pops open, manifesting whatever the number promises at the time. Adding higher octaves of the same energy take it further and further into the world and into our hearts. This is a turning point of a day.
The connection of Venus with Alcyone (at 0 Gemini) brings the heart into alignment with the superconscious vibrations of the Pleiadians. These are pure resonances of Love. In Gemini, we are ready to transcend the duality we have been living in for so long. Venus enters her retrograde shadow soon, and she will go retrograde in Gemini, though she will not return to this 0 degree. That means that everything this new cycle brings is a powerful start to a huge and transformational cycle that needs recalibration a little further down the line.
Many of us are familiar with the works of the Pleiadians, and we know what this moment can bring. It is imperative to allow for whatever happens here. Not too much thinking… Just a lot of Loving surrender, so that we may fully experience what is manifesting right here. And what a blessing that Venus is manifesting with Saturn today too. This promises to bring definition and clarity almost immediately.
It strikes me that although we are facing some very tough times, it is possible to lift our focus to higher purpose and realize that its all connected. Everything is good, and right and perfect for our evolutionary growth. Trust in trust. Faith in Faith.
And finally, let’s talk about the Jupiter Pluto conjunction. The first of three, (June 30 and November 12). All three of these conjunctions, taken together, produce a new cycle for Jupiter and Pluto. These usually produce major social change. Again, the first of three conjunctions brings the power shot… the undiluted fullness of the expression of these two gigantic energies. These are arguably the biggest energies that touch the physical realm in our solar system. BIG things are about to happen.
Jupiter has a way of expanding whatever it touches. If you’re happy, you’ll be happier. If you’re down, you’ll be more down. Pluto can take things to another dimension…  make things larger than life. That is why it is SO important to use your spiritual practices, stay centered and still, calm and open to transformation.. The three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions will occur right around the same degree. The first two at 24 Capricorn and then some, and the last one at 22 Capricorn. These are both degrees that are part of the Power crossroad that is ongoing. Of course they are. This crossroad is the very one that all of humanity has come to at the same time. Let your peaceful heart decide your path in any given moment.
Here are Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for the Venus Alcyone New cycle and the first Jupiter Pluto conjunction. They are reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks…

Gemini 1:   Knots in a cord. They are a message in code.

(Venus Alcyone New Cycle)
               “Signaling to all attending beings that something is happening here which is endangered, promising, riddled with problems and wondrously permeated with talent, intelligence, and a flowing grace of the rarest kind. The shadow is intense. The impulse is very great. The stakes are the highest. What will prevail?
               The bright central impulse lies in aligning with all that is of such spaciousness that no matter what arises, it is welcome, it is part of it-all is as intended. This frequency can flourish whenever it is free and joyous and in no way driven back on itself. If it spontaneously overflows in the moment into the entire surround, there is this contagious wave of YES, this ripple of excitement and activation.
               The contorted shadow reflection is taken up with such a mountain-load of doubt and hesitation and mental anxiety that when this comes on strong, the light goes out, the energy folds back on itself, and there is this ghostly quality of perpetual absence combined with an undertow of suspicion and something feeling very wrong.       
               The soul sounds out a cry, a call for help, for perspective, for anything that can redeem the duality repetition syndrome. The one inside feels like they cannot get anywhere, because each bright interval is followed by the opposite play of confusion and distortion. What is to be done?
               This is one for spirit intervention. The fuller and more wakeful the call, the higher the spiritual response. It is collective, it is personal, it is everything-at-once. We need a deep equanimity, a whole seeing, a light that is not shadowed by darkness. If the mind can give over to a vaster consciousness, if the past can yield to an open future, all will be well.
               There is this edge where it seems alive and powerful to be held taut between and among all these divergent impulses. Yet the finest attunement comes in silent vigil, free of preferences and desire.”


Capricorn 25:   A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings.

(Jupiter Pluto Conjunction#1)
               “We are visible creatures. As such, we are captured by the visual field. Everywhere we go, somebody is tracking us, stalking us, assessing who we are based upon how we seem, what impressions we give in an outer way.
               If our driving purpose is sufficiently ruthless and stark, we can take the world of appearances, of personalities and politics, of semblance’s and images, and we can get on top of this scene and be the one who knows how to handle herself when all eyes are on her. In fact, she comes to life for the limelight, to only be there when it counts to be the public person’s representative.
               She can take this very far. She can get away with the most outrageous poses. For she has this inward fiber of guts and presence of mind, that quality which often makes for greatness. And even when she falls short of that mark, she will impress, she will beguile, she will persuade, she will win.
               There is another dimension that can be attained in this sphere. First, she must see through her own proud stature and pierce her own disguise. Then a different world dawns, one that diverges hugely from anything previously expressed.
               She becomes the archetypal embodiment of a greater way of being. She is still disguised, still veiled, still a stranger, an outsider. But now her structures are here for a real purpose. She is doing the work which is critically needed if we are all to evolve from here.
               Her special capacity is to do impossible tasks and to bridge seemingly forever polarized worlds. Nothing stops her. That peculiar charm is metamorphosed into utter self-composure of an authentic kind. She means business and it’s a greater business. The one we all benefit from.”


“It is Love alone that leads to right action. What brings order in the world is to Love, and let Love do what it will.”
J Krishnamurti