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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon enters Scorpio: 4:17pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 9:54am – 4:17pm
  • 4:4 Star Gate
                     A Week of Revelations

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A quick update: This virus is no joke, but please don’t worry about me, I have survived way more than this. I have a relatively mild case. I feel okay enough to keep up with the readings I have scheduled and I plan to be present for the webinar on Saturday. That said, this thing requires a lot of rest, which I am doing. This is a week of revelation. That is, the Black Moon is quiet, and so we are being afforded a great view of what is…. I am guessing that by the end of the week we will have far more clarity than we have for a very long time…

I suspect many of our long term questions will be answered now. In the meantime, take full advantage of this amazing, unprecedented moment to be as fully present with your Self as you can, be grateful for hat you do have, refuse to focus on what you ‘think’ you don’t have. This is a moment to count your blessings, so that when we are all able to return to a more normal life, we’ll be ready for it in ways we’ve never considered before.
There are four very powerful 5D aspects today. Two of them involve Venus. One with Quaoar, and the other with Salacia. It seems important to mention that Venus is just about to enter her retrograde shadow. That means these aspects she is making now will not be repeated while she retrogrades, but instead they are setting up the retrograde experience we are about to have. There’s plenty of 5D energy for the heart to enter a new transcended state of being. Venus is going to retrograde in Gemini, which is the sign that delivers us all from duality. This should be some summer.
Also today there is a very rare Uranus MakeMake Great Eliminator. Any time two planets that are this slow moving make an exact aspect to each other is an unusual time that yields unprecedented events. MakeMake, as you know, is in charge of (or more appropriately represents) all the universal laws, and Uranus is, of course, the Great Awakener. A Great Eliminator is a fork in the road that is obvious and requiresa definitive choice about which way to go. This should prove to be interesting.
Also today Mars and Chiron find resource with each other. This can go a very long way toward the wholing of the planet, and our Selves. I know I  am so happy to see this aspect gracing us all today. Again, in a week when the Black Moon is utterly inactive, there is so much to see, if only we are willing to look…


“Stop trying to heal yourself, fix yourself,
even awaken yourself.
Stop trying to Fast-Forward the movie of your life.
Let go of ‘letting go’.
Healing is not a destination.
Be here.
Your pain, your sorrow, your doubts, your longings,
your fearful thoughts: they are not mistakes,
and they are not asking to be ‘healed’.
They are asking to be held. Here, now, lightly,
in the loving, healing arms of present awareness…”
~Jeff Foster