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Venus enters her retrograde shadow today, and she will be taken up with her backwards journey all the way through August 2nd. She will be traveling between 5 Gemini and 25 Gemini during all this time. She goes retrograde on May 11 and she goes direct on June 25 and then it will take here until August 2 to recover her shadow and begin a new cycle. But did you know that Venus has a very particular sacred geometry? Please take a look at the image above…

Venus has a very particular retrograde pattern, going retrograde in only 5 signs ever. She produces that visual we see above by going retrograde in those 5 different signs over the course of every eight years. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?  During the course of one lifetime, Venus retrogrades in Through Gemini, Capricorn/early Aquarius , Leo/early Virgo , Aries , and Late Libra/Scorpio . That cycle repeats every eight years.
Also during Venus’ retrograde she shifts back and forth from morning to evening star. In this case, Venus begins her journey as an evening star, and after the inferior conjunction between Venus and the Sun (June 3), Venus will disappear for a while and reemerge as the morning star just before Venus goes direct at the end of June.
We don’t always consider the significance of Venus. She is the dispositor of the emotional body, and she represents the heart. As she retrogrades in Gemini, the duality that permeates the 3D realm shifts somewhat when the heart resonates with the sign that helps us to transcend duality. This happens every eight years or so, but this time is clearly an unprecedented one. We are all in the middle of a major ascension… The changes taking place on a daily basis, and if we keep our hearts open, those changes can be so much more profound and meaningful…
I can’t help but think there’s a connection between the end of this viral wave and the end of this Venus cycle.. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it has something to do with the way we allow our hearts to lead us through these tough moments.
And just a quick update: I am doing well. I am blessed with a very very mild case of this virus, and I am taking all the appropriate precautions.


“When you see that the entire universe exists so that the present moment can be the present moment, then the present moment becomes orgasmic.
To assume that the universe exists so you can get to the future, the present moment becomes torturous.”
~Tiger Singleton