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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 1:34am
                  Mercury Kind of Day

Stay tuned here for an announcement of my upcoming Astrochats… It’s a new kind of workshop (2 – 3 hours) that I’ve only done live and in person before. It’s a format that lends itself well to a small zoom gathering. It includes a discussion of a current transit, something very timely and significant, followed by a one on one 15 – 20 minute reading for each person present as to how the transit is personally affecting your chart… It’s great for those who want a small reading, and even more fascinating for those who are interested in the astrology and how to read a chart. I am keeping the attendance to a small group, no more than 10 or 12 people, and it will be first come first serve. I will offer these Astrochats every other month, and if there is an overflow of people, they will be the first in the next event. I already have a list of about 8 people. If you’re interested, let me know right away, at  The workshop will cost $125, the same price as a short session with me. It will also include the MP4, which will be a great teaching tool. Stay tuned for the details…

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Can you feel the wheels turning, bringing some kind of definitive change? It’s impossible to know what that change will look like, but that’s the whole point. If we’ve learned anything these past few months, it’s that we don’t know anything, and that our ancient habit of projecting our version of reality onto the future has never yielded much in the way of fulfillment. We have had a good long stretch of staying focused on the Self, looking inward, facing our demons and shadows, and finding the Light within. It is time to trust that Light, let it shine, and in doing so, allow the Truth of what we have manifested to be revealed.

Mercury is hard at work this week. He is fresh off a new cycle (conjunction) with Uranus and the Black Moon, and today he comes together with Albion, (formerly QB1). Listen carefully for the new rhythms and the music that can now be played. It is the result of our most recent awakening. The Black Moon is traveling back and forth a bunch of times in the weeks ahead between Uranus in Taurus and Eris in Aries. Those are the two Great Awakeners, and this repetitive “communion” with the archetypes that serve to wake us up will soon reveal the Truth, which is that we are fully involved in the ascension at this time.
This is it. Make no mistake about it. It’s easy to get distracted, with all that’s going on, but when you make a concerted effort to stay centered in your heart and be present for whatever is happening in your life at any given moment, the ascension becomes very obvious. There is nothing to do but enjoy the ride. That might take some discipline and practice, but the experience is there for the taking.
Venus is making her way to a retrograde station, and that should prove to be very enlightening. The heart retrograding through Gemini promises to lift us up ‘where we belong’. Saturn and Jupiter will both go retrograde in about 2 weeks, and in 3 weeks we enter a worm hole, a nice long one, that included THREE eclipses.
One thing is for sure. We do not have any kind of a clue about what’s next. Do your very best not to decide about anything. Sideways elevators abound for the next few months. We will most certainly end up somewhere entirely different than what we might imagine at this moment.


“Make uncertainty your ally, not your enemy. All leaps forward depend on reaching into the unknown. Once you see the unknown as the source of creativity, you no longer fear it. Instead, you welcome the fact that life renews itself in unexpected ways.”
~Deepak Chopra