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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 3:04am
              Major Intersection

I am now taking registrations for my upcoming Astrochats… It’s a new kind of workshop (2 – 3 hours) that I’ve only done live and in person before. It’s a format that lends itself well to a small zoom gathering. It includes a discussion of a current transit, something very timely and significant, followed by a one on one 15 – 20 minute reading for each person present as to how the transit is personally affecting your chart… It’s great for those who want a small reading, and even more fascinating for those who are interested in the astrology and how to read a chart. I am keeping the attendance to a small group, no more than 10 or 12 people, and it will be first come first serve. I will offer these Astrochats every other month, and if there is an overflow of people, they will be the first in the next event. There’s room for a couple more people, but if you’re interested, let me know right away, at  because I will automatically schedule for the next event. The workshop will cost $125, the same price as a short session with me. It will also include the MP4, which will be a great teaching tool. Stay tuned for the details…

An entirely new section of my 2020 Cosmic Consciousness Certification Course begins next Monday evening. It’s time to learn about the 5D application of all the planets. If you’re interested in taking the course, this is the perfect time to jump in. Email me at for details…

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The via combusta Moon leaves Libra and enters Scorpio at 3:10am EDT. That means that all day long today the energies build and become more and more emotional and transformational as we head toward the Full Moon tomorrow morning. The week has been filled with changing energies, yet it’s been hard to identify any real change as of yet. I believe the Full Moon will reveal the shifts that have already occurred but have remained hidden so far. The Black Moon, the Great Unveiler, has been thoroughly inactive for the past few days, but today she comes roaring back to life, producing a very significant intersection. If that doesn’t reveal what’s up, it may be necessary to rethink what’s going on.

So I have been considering what else might be up. Maybe all the change that was peaking at us from around the next corner isn’t really ‘out there’ at all. Maybe the change is taking place internally. Maybe it is so deeply immersed in our being that we are unable to detect it as yet. We know, WE KNOW change is all around us, ready to burst on to the scene… it’s here somewhere.. It MUST be within, because in Truth there is nothing out there that’s real.
Whatever is happening now is more real than anything we’ve ever known. That is, it’s closer to Truth than any version of reality we’ve manifested so far. We have to LET IT emerge… be unveiled.. be revealed. Today a beautiful intersection is manifesting, made of a stunning Light Bridge between the Black Moon and Arcturus, with a major stepping stone from the all powerful Pluto. Furthermore, the Black Moon comes together with Eris one more time for another communion.
Now all these aspects become exact tomorrow, but as soon as the Moon enters Scorpio, early this morning, any of it can become tangible. Black Moon Eris is a repetitive note.. a major disruptor vibration, and with the rest of the intersection exact… it seems the road to the future is about to make itself known.
Late tonight, though not shown here, the Black Moon comes roaring to life when she finds resource with Mars. Mars is always some kind of trigger. He activates action. Though it is SO hard to tell if the action will manifest inside or out there, it is coming into being. Scorpio is the sign of highest manifestation. It brings whatever is in our beliefs into physical form.
It seems all there is to do today is sit back and watch what happens.


“The cycle of expectation and disappointment is like the rising and falling of a wave in search of the ocean. The expectation appears in and is made out of the very stuff for which it seeks. When the mind takes off towards an object in another wave of hope or expectation, don’t crush it through discipline. Just face it with the mirror of understanding and allow the wave of expectation to come to rest in the ocean of awareness.”
~Rupert Spira