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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 2:15am
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate
          Mars Galactic Center Resource

I am now taking registrations for my upcoming Astrochats… It’s a new kind of workshop (2 – 3 hours) that I’ve only done live and in person before. It’s a format that lends itself well to a small zoom gathering. It includes a discussion of a current transit, something very timely and significant, followed by a one on one 15 – 20 minute reading for each person present as to how the transit is personally affecting your chart… It’s great for those who want a small reading, and even more fascinating for those who are interested in the astrology and how to read a chart. I am keeping the attendance to a small group, no more than 10 or 12 people, and it will be first come first serve. I will offer these Astrochats every other month, and if there is an overflow of people, they will be the first in the next event. There’s room for a couple more people, but if you’re interested, let me know right away, at  because I will automatically schedule for the next event. The workshop will cost $125, the same price as a short session with me. It will also include the MP4, which will be a great teaching tool. Stay tuned for the details…

An entirely new section of my 2020 Cosmic Consciousness Certification Course begins next Monday evening. It’s time to learn about the 5D application of all the planets. If you’re interested in taking the course, this is the perfect time to jump in. Email me at for details…

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This week has been such an interesting combination of intense energies and new ways to ground. Do you feel it? Despite the very difficult time we’re moving through, things are going to get easier to bear from here. The virus may not be done with us, but it is very important that we realize we are not done with the virus. It is offering us the opportunity of a lifetime, and it is up to each of us to make good use of it.


We’ve had a series of days that alternated between no aspects one day and many Black Moon connections the next. Today is a more quiet day. Mars finds resource with the Galactic center, bringing many new downloads to the physical experience we are having. This is important and very vital. We are in the middle of THE ascension. We are moving from the 3D physical dimension into the 5D realm of energy and unity. As we do this our very cells are transformed. We are changing from carbon to crystal.  A lot of that process has already occurred, but now comes the time to realize it fully.
We are within days of the Venus station, which comes AFTER Saturn and Jupiter go retrograde. The social consciousness of the heart is about to be recalibrated. While all of these planets (and Pluto) are retrograde, we are moving through a powerful realignment with the higher Self. Mercury then goes retrograde at Sirius, downloading the higher mind with some major multidimensional consciousness.
All of this occurs as we move through a major worm hole. There are eclipses ahead, while we are recalibrating at the lower body level, and we need these days of “grounding” in the new energies to be ready for it all. The worm hole opens May 22 and closes toward the end of July. In September Mars goes retrograde and Mercury goes retrograde in October. Together the Mind/Body connection undergoes the most major recalibration its ever known.
All of this delivers us to the election and the end of the year. It’s one very wild ride. We must be prepared for it. Everything that happens from this week on is the stuff that preparation is made of. The more we remain focused on the inner growth that is available to us right now, the further we get on this ascension journey. Ascension is not something that happens in one blast. It happens little by little.
My Astrochat on May 24 will focus on the worm hole and how it affects your personally. Please join me by letting me know you’re in. There’s room for a couple more…


“Each time my feet touched the earth I knew my mother was there with me. I knew this body was not mine alone, but a living continuation of my other and all of my ancestors. These feet that I saw as “my ” feet were actually “our” feet. Together, my mother and I were leaving footprints in the damp soil.”
Thich Nhat Hanh