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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • SATURN STATION: 12:09am
                 A Lot More Mercury

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Saturn begins his retrograde journey just after midnight this morning, offering us nearly 5 months of redefinition and far more structure than we’ve had in a while. Saturn will reenter Capricorn on July 1 and from that point on we will begin to gain more clarity on the current situation  than we’ve had all this time. It won’t be until just days before Christmas that both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius (within one day of each other) and come together just about where Saturn turns retrograde today, in very early Aquarius. We’ve had a little tiny taste of the new order. Now it’s time to go back and set things right, mostly from  within our Selves, in preparation for the new order that beings as the year ends.


Before Uranus was discovered Saturn was the dispositor of Aquarius. That means that classically Saturn has a strong connection with this sign. You my remember from mythology that Uranus is Saturn’s father, and that Saturn stole Uranus’ title from him when he castrated the Great awakener. There is a very strong and important connection between these two planets. In recent years Uranus has reclaimed his status as father of the heavens, and Saturn is learning to take his rightful place as the Great Inner Guru. That is, after all, the way it has to go when we learn from our mistakes. We go in, and we learn the truth of who we really are.
That’s pretty much what  we’re all going through now. Also today, Mercury, moving about as fast as he can, enters Gemini today, and begins to resonate with the upcoming worm hole that opens on the Gemini new Moon May 22. As of today, with Saturn’s retrograde and Mercury’s ingress into Gemini, we move on into a new chapter, though the old one is far from completed.
There’s a Mercury Mars Stepping stone today as well, indicating that there may be a bit of a bump or two as we move to higher ground in this transitional moment. Both the Mind and the Body are ascending in some kind of new alignment with each other. The more we remain focused on the inner process, the more we will be able to perceive the shift.
Mercury also aspects Chariklo and Ixion today. And in the past couple of days he has also connected with Jupiter, Pluto and Sedna. He’s a very busy fellow right now. Pay attention to your intuitive perceptions. Let your higher Mind do the talking. There is so much to see that has not been available to us before.
Here is Ellias Lonsdales’ meditation for today’s Saturn Station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks…

Aquarius 2:  A woman strolling in a garden. She is unaware she is being watched by elves.

               “Her nature is leisurely, contemplative, laid back. She of course imagines and conceives that these qualities are simply her own by temperament, by disposition. Hardly is it likely that the deeper truth of her nature will reveal itself to her in the normal course of events.
               Yet what is truly at work in her is an affinity with the subtle elemental realms and with those who sense those spirit enclaves in the earth.For she is actually at one with the earth and with the light which is there at certain places for those who can perceive inwardly. And this earth light so closely accompanies all of her journey that she really never distances from her underlying sense of the whole of life and what it asks through her each day, every night.
               This makes it hard to take on mechanical routine and set behaviors. The soul is hungry to bring the world to life, rather than to fit life to mental schemes. And this impulse is overwhelmingly powerful. It comes from a bottomless well of remembrance and dedication.
               Yet she is called upon to put all of this onto the inside and to bear herself steadily through the outer world on the outer world’s terms. For what she has to bring will have it’s magical relevance when nobody is looking for anything special to be happening.
               She is on one of those assignments where you must not forget, yet you must go amongst those who do, lose yourself amongst them, and carry the slender thread of your real allegiance inside where it counts. The art of such a way of life is poignant. Everything depends upon discovering how to get deeper inside and tap the riches for the sake of the whole.”


“Where is God in this?”
~Derek O’Neill