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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 9:25pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:03am – 9:25pm
  • JUPITER STATION: 10:31am
  • Jupiter turns retrograde: 27 Capricorn 14
  • 5:5 Star Gate
  • Hidden 5:5 Star Gate
              Jupiter turns Retrograde

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Today the third of three planets turns retrograde, all within a few days of each other. It you don’t feel the tide changing, try getting more still and paying careful  attention. It’s important. The shifts that are taking place now will not come again in our lifetime. During the past few days Saturn, Venus and now Jupiter have all turned around and begun a backwards journey. As Jupiter and Saturn represent the social consciousness  and represent each individual’s relationship with the outer world, this “joint” retrograde station is very significant, as it changes everything related to the way we are relating to the world. Also important is the fact that Jupiter and Saturn will be traveling as a team for much of the year now, both entering Aquarius within 24 hours of each other and then coming together on December 21 at 0 Aquarius. If this doesn’t portend a major shift in social consciousness, nothing does.


Now you may say that everything about the way we relate to the world has ALREADY changed, but I promise you, this is just the very tip of the iceberg. While it’s true that the change in the world is the reflection of the change that has already occurred within us. the Jupiter Saturn function… the ways in which we interact with the world and process it all… is undergoing a major change of its own. The change in the world is the result of the way we have been, without much conscious awareness, (on the collective level), for a long time. Now that we are face to d face with what we are all about, we can see, very plainly, that it is time for the inner to shift in order to produce that new world we’ve all come here to participate in.
And since Venus is involved in all this, it means the heart is undergoing a major shift of its own. Well, that’s exactly what has to happen if there’s going to be any kind of real transformation. A change of heart. This change involves an ascension of the highest order… at least the highest order we’re capable of to date. One thing I’ve learned for sure, there’s always something higher. and we can’t get to that highest point from here.
Venus is in Gemini, and Jupiter is in Capricorn. Saturn went retrograde in Aquarius, but he will return to Capricorn on July 1. That makes Mercury and Saturn the two major dispositors this year. Mercury and Saturn speak to a new way to structure the mind and the way we think, and ultimately communicate with the outer world. Can you catch a glimpse yet of the fact that it’s all about the way we bring our Self to the world, the changes we are going through now that bring us to that new way of interacting, and the eventual results of all that change. It is literally why we are here. To undertake this inner shift and then offer it up to the world.
Jupiter goes retrograde today at 27 Capricorn 14 and he will go direct at 17 Capricorn 24 on September 13, just days after Mats goes retrograde. The retrogrades this year are very special, in that they overlap each other by mere days, and so they also stand alone and apart, each one doing its own thing. This is true with the exception of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. That change of heart/ new social consciousness seems to be one thing, and it defines the major, overall change we are going through.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Jupiter station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.


Capricorn 28:  A mirror covered with a fine film of dust.

               “Seeing through a glass darkly. Remembering the way it’s always been. Consciousness glued to the scene of past visions, old cycles, everything that has gone on previously and seems to be repeating itself all over again.
               Doubt coloring all perceptions. Self-judgment hounding the viewer. A bias against the self and all it’s old familiar worlds and those who people those worlds. Suspicion. Seeing the worst, looking for flaws.
               An introspective frequency. So many inner voices saying, “this is what you’re like,” “there it is again.” Susceptibility to the influences of negative opinion, belief, assumption.
               Yet the need here is to constellate all this, to work it out. The self is given over to a greater task. This involves the collective purging of ghosts. The self takes these things on as it’s own. But the burden of responsibility lies with us all.
               It is a reckoning, a calling up of shadows, a bearing of the soul. It is the clearing of the ancient decks. Sometimes it gets tangled up in these wastelands. For it is so fascinating and compelling to be in on the bad news that we have all been so very lost for so long.
               The task is graphic and explicit. Take on and take up all the understuff, see it through and be done with it. The hardest part is to be done with it. We get caught in the cycles and keep on looking in that rear view mirror.
               There is an awakening possible amidst this shadow task and it’s endless ripples. We come to realize that we can release any and all blame, as we see the whole picture and cease demanding that it should have been otherwise. All is as it needs to be.”
“In a single blade of grass there are so many lives and layers and dimensions. As we begin to open up, we begin to realize them inside us as this holographic Universe. A star in the sky actually has a presence inside us. It is no longer outside us. Allow the deep presence of life to live though you.”
~richard rudd