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              Sun Sedna New Cycle

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It’s a very important moment when the Sun and Sedna come together to create a new cycle. If you take a look at the image above, you can see the relative vastness of Sedna’s orbit, compared to ALL the other planets that live inside our solar system. And the Sun, of course, is right in the center, giving everything light and life. The Sun energizes whatever it touches (and it ‘touches’ everything), and Sedna is our Galactic record keeper. She holds the memory of all the records and events that ever occurred in our corner of the universe.

It’s not a surprise to me that this conjunction comes at this momentous point in the story of the planet. But don’t let me confuse you… this new cycle occurs once a year, whenever the Sun comes around to meet up with the Great Cosmic Librarian. The difference this time IS the moment we are living through, though I suspect we will be in this moment for at least a few years to come. That means that EACH of these Sun Sedna new cycles are monumental in their capacity to hold the Truth of what is actually going on.
And believe me, we don’t yet have a clue what that is. I know I say this a lot, but it’s not a good idea to assume you understand any of what’s going on, because when you do that you limit your capacity to perceive the actual breadth of it all. Stay open, stay “dumb” and stay faithful.
I am certain that Sedna is not the only Galactic planet… that is, a planet with an orbit of 10,000 years or more. There have been a couple of others spotted.. I am sure that this group of archetypes carry the wisdom of the ages and then some. They will be revealed when we are ready to perceive what they have to offer us.
Speaking of gathering important downloads, Mercury forms a Light Bridge (polarity) with the Great Attractor tonight. The Great Attractor is a humongous Black Hole that is the Source of our Source of our Source. And don’t let that fool you. The universe is fractal, and that relationship goes on and on and on, until we have no need for it anymore. That is, until we merge our consciousness with Source completely. In any case, open up for the countless downloads that are available today. Whether you perceive them coming or not, they are filling you with more awareness than ever before.
I just wanted to offer up a quick note to say that I am in a virtual workshop with my Teacher, Derek O’Neill this week. I will write a blog every day, and I hope you will forgive me if they seem a bit abbreviated. (Then again, who knows, I may have more than ever to share with you!)
The Astrochat is now completely full, and I am taking names if you’d like to sign up for the next one.. There is only room for 12. It will be for June 28th, Sunday, from 1-4pm EDT.


“Life knows exactly what it’s doing.
Relax, dear one.
Our only struggle is a fight to survive something other than Life itself.
Let Life itself be the prize, and trust your Self to Life’s miraculous nature.
p.s. death isn’t real.”
~Tiger Singleton