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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Moon enters Cancer: 7:09pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 7:10am – 7:09pm
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
                    Active Worm Hole

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Well we went through that amazing Gemini New Moon/Worm Hole activation flanked by two days of perfectly aspect free days. It was a phenomenon. Were your last few days filled with more life than they’ve been in a long time? Rene posted a thought that really moved me. She said, “I am hearing this pause is a powerful still point for synthesis to occur.” So perfect, I feel. Synthesis has begun, and from my perspective, it will take the entire worm hole, the next two months, that is, for that shift to fully manifest.


It’s important to note that the worm hole is only one major phenomenon that is occurring right now.  It is life altering, no question, but it is a smaller cycle inside a much larger one… the ongoing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto dance that continues through to the end of the year, and delivers us the all important Pluto return of the United States, which occurs throughout 2022.
The events that get triggered now have been triggered by the original Saturn Pluto new cycle last January, and these upcoming sideways elevators promise to change the landscape, inner and outer, in preparation for the dance of the giant planets.
There are four important aspects today, in contrast to the last few days. Orcus, symbol of our immortality, turns direct today at 11 Virgo, while Mercury and the Sun each connect with a 5D planet. These latter two are a part of a much larger collection of inner planets, or lower four body rulers coming together with 5D archetypes, to assist in our major recalibration overhaul. The Sun forms a great Eliminator with Quaoar, the highest octave of Mercury, bringing our Divine Mind to new levels. Mercury finds resource with Eris, the female Great Awakener, aka the Great Disrupter, which seems to make possible any necessary leaving behind of outdated belief systems that have a tendency to keep us stuck in the lower mind and the habits it produces. It’s time for all of that to go, and with conscious effort.
And finally Mars comes together with Ceres, the great earth mother, in Pisces today. Mars has come to represent our personal experience of earth as our home, and Ceres is her greatest protector. Pisces represents the ocean. Those seem like ingredients for some kind of important event… which way it goes is totally the result of the way the collective consciousness is leaning. We shall see.
Here are Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for today’s Orcus station and the Mars Ceres new cycle, two events that are pretty much producing a Light Bridge today… That is a new observer’s perch, or at least an ongoing perch with some new perspective courtesy of Mars. These passages are reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.


  Virgo  11: A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse.

(Orcus Station)
               “She is beginning from a place of being tuned in to the needs all around her, being selflessly mobilized for whatever is asked. Her base of reality, her primal reference is sophisticated, engaged, astutely picking up on cues, able to manifest dreams and visions to serve and renew and be of great help in the earth struggles of this species seeking rebirth.
               She is task-oriented, assignment-ready. Without any kind of context or preparation or steps involved, she jumps right in and gets busy working for the good. She cannot stop herself from being this way. It really comes naturally.
               The possibilities which arise are tremendous. Everything depends upon staying with the original intent. This is not about duty and winning people over and making the best impression. This is about sensing what will bring wholeness where there was fragmentation. This is about interaction, mediation, making a difference. It’s all in the task itself, not in images and ideas about what this means or where this goes.
               Integrity and simplicity and pure dedication are crucial here. She must cut through the middle of baby-sitting worlds and get on with what matters and let everybody else pick up the pieces. She is a specialist. Her skill lies in getting down to what is missing or distorted and bringing to bear whatever can shift this pattern, whether on her own or in collaborative frameworks.
               What she cannot do is explain and justify and be adult about what she brings. Mental factors and considerations pale before the experience of the task at hand. Why try to talk about it when the only thing you know is how to do it and you don’t have any opinion or attitudes to offer?
               Her purpose is to carry through on what she is given. She is very serious and literal and operational. Under optimal conditions, her strengths will thrive and her weaknesses will be negligible. But if she is under pressure and stain to perform in ways alien to her, the capacity for making it work will easily break down.”


Pisces 8:  A gypsy peasant woman sings a mournful chant.

(Mars Ceres New Cycle)
               “We are here together, we who have suffered, we who have lost, we who grieve, and bleed, and cry and keep going. We are the salty tears of this Earth. We feel everything. We pass all of life through us. Our emotions count. Because we are here, something altogether different can follow. We clear the way by honoring the past, by processing the trauma, the wound. We are the ones who make the future inevitable.
               Our voice is muffled most of the time. Under our breath, in the inside, we keep sensing what the Earth is going though and what it means. But this has so little to do with the events of everyday. So we live it on the inside, a whole different life in there.
               What we most avidly explore deep down under is the tale, the song, the fable, the myth. We weave this through our own body, our soul, which is not ours. Nothing belongs to us. We are a sense organ, an extension of this Earth’s inner experience. We are every-woman and we are nobody.
               Therefore, we can wonder, we can journey, we can dream, we can go anywhere. So much of us is invisible, unknown. We tap the secret springs. And inwardly we are as joyous as we are in agony. It’s all the same.
               We are the chant you never quite hear. We are the rumbling that surprises you. We are that  which you underestimate. We should have been gone long ago. We dissolved into the deep under and tried to stay out of your way. But no longer.
               We are the stirring of this Earth, the search for a new species. We are just beginning to remember ourselves.”
Oh and by the way, there’s a brand new 5D planet, Gonggong. He sits at 7 Pisces. I am planning on a special Zoom workshop to introduce this planet to you all.. Stay tuned for that announcement. In the meantime, please let me know of any interesting events that occur today that might seem to be an extra dimension of the Mars Ceres new cycle, since they are all dancing together right now.


“Inexplicably it comes. When you least expect it. For a reason you can never know. One moment you are striving, figuring, imagining, and then, in the blink of an eye, it all disappears. The struggle disappears. The striving disappears. The person disappears. The world disappears. Everything disappears, and the person is like a pinpoint of light, just receding until it disappears. And there’s nobody there to witness it. The person is gone. Only, only awareness remains. Nothing else. No one to be aware. Nothing to be aware of. Only that remains itself. Then it’s understood, finally and simply.
Then everything—all the struggle, all the striving, all the thinking, all the figuring, all the surrendering, all the letting go, all the grabbing hold of, all the praying, all the begging, all the cursing, too—was just a distraction. And only then is it seen that the person was, is, and ever will be no more than a thought. With a single thought, the person seems to reemerge. With more thoughts, the world seems to reemerge right out of nothing. But now you know.
The incarnation is nothing more than a thought. A thousand incarnations are but a thousand thoughts. And this amazing miracle of a mirage we call the world reappears as it was before, but now you know. That’s why you usually have a good laugh, because you realize that all your struggles were made up. You conjured them up out of nothing—with a thought that was linked to another thought, that was then believed, that linked to another thought that was then believed. But never could it have been true, not for a second could it have actually existed. Not ever could you have actually suffered for a reason that was true—only through an imagination, good, bad, indifferent. The intricacies of spiritual philosophy and theologies are just a thought within Emptiness.
And so at times we talk, and I pretend to take your struggles seriously, just as I pretended to take my own seriously. You may pretend to take your own struggles seriously from time to time, and although we pretend, we really shouldn’t forget that we are pretending, that we are making up the content of our experience; we are making up the little dramas of our lives. We are making up whether we need to hold on or surrender or figure it out or pray to God or be purified or have karma cleansed—it’s all a thought. We just collude in this ridiculous charade of an illusion pretending that it’s real, only to reveal that it’s not. There is no karma. There is nothing really to purify. There’s no problem. There is only what you create and believe to be so. And if you like it that way, have at it!
But we cannot continue this absolute farce indefinitely. We cannot continue to pretend this game we play, indefinitely. It’s impossible. Everything comes back to nothing.
And then it’s a bit harder to hold a straight face consistently for the rest of your life.”