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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Cancer: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 9:05pm - Midnight
  • Hidden 8:8 Star Gate
                Active Worm Hole

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Yesterday and today feature more aspects than we’ve seen in the last two weeks taken all together. As above, so below. This much planetary activity means just as much activity here on the planet. Five of today’s TEN aspects come from the Black Moon and her just recently reactivated dance. This is her way. She can move with a frantic overabundance and just as powerfully make her mark with a tow or three week absence. She is a very important player these days, and that’s because her role in the solar system is to be the balance point for the Earth and the Moon. She has a major job keeping the emotional balance. Those of us who are waking up know that the emotional body is the identifying characteristic of humanity. That is, the emotional body sets us apart from the rest of life on Earth. And during this moment of quickening awakening, it is vitally important to our ascension process.


The Black Moon is the Great Unveiler. I can’t think of anything more important at this moment. There is so much going on underneath the surface and behind the scenes, and we know it. We know it but we don’t know what is lurking in those shadows. It will be in the unveiling of these Truths that we finally achieve a true awakening.
We just have to be prepared to see things we aren’t bargaining for. The Truth is often very hard to take. We must all awaken to the point where seeing those uglier realities do not shake us up. We need to be able to take them in stride… “It is what it is” is a wondrous mantra these days.
The Black Moon enters Taurus tonight, and she is currently making yet another pass between Eris  and Uranus, the two Great Awakeners. This will occur repeatedly during the course of the next 6 or 10 months. We are going to see what has been practically invisible for hundreds of years. This is only Lilith’s second dip into Taurus, so we have yet to get a good feel for what she can do here. But Taurus has a reputation for bringing things to a grounded, very real place. When Taurus energy is at work, it is hard to deny.
Mercury, who disposes the entire worm hole we are now moving through, has been very active these past few days, and today is no exception. He comes together with the Black Moon (resource), with Jupiter (Great Eliminator), and he forms a new cycle with Vesta early this morning. He also produces a fantastic Light Bridge with the Galactic Center at 1:38pm EDT today. This is a fast moving Light Bridge, but with Mercury making so many important connections and having domain over our entire worm hole experience, it would be worth taking a few moments to be still and allow the major downloads that are happening courtesy of this Bridge to become a little (or a lot) more conscious.
Also Uranus and Ceres find resource today, and this is important for the planet. Where Ceres is at work, the planet is being tended to. Uranus wakes us up, sometimes through revelation, more often through an unexpected jolt. With the Black Moon entering Taurus tonight, Uranus is preparing to receive her visit with an unprecedented unveiling, no doubt.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury Vesta new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.


Gemini 27 : Much food stored in a cool cave. (This i amazing…)

               “The inside and the outside. On the inside, where it is safe, where everything remains intact, we are keeping our treasures, all that we truly are. This is ample for eternity. We will never be caught short.
               On the outside, the idea is to keep a straight face, to be quite inconspicuous. We mold ourselves to fit what is expected, what is assumed. We don’t pay it much head. Just enough juice to keep the world going, keep everybody guessing, keep ourselves on ice.
               There comes a time when this deal we have made with ourselves so long ago becomes null and void. The gap between inside and outside is intolerable when it is time to come forth. And then a mighty task awaits the soul if it wishes to pass through the barrier that was created so solidly and persistently.
               This involves then reversing old habits, turning one’s world inside out. Nothing less will do. The sharp edge of change is to recognize that all that vast internal resource can be used to free itself of itself, as soon as you stop holding on so tight.
               When the inner goods begin to flow out, there will be a cataract of fresh life forces from source, of awareness’ future and fertile, and of truly multi-dimensional soul gifts on every hand. And it is such a relief to get it out there, to stop clinging to the doubts of the past and the fears that accompany them.
               What has been most intensively squirreled away was ones innermost soul itself. Personality was sufficient for the outer world. To tap the wellsprings of soul is to be in touch with something long forgotten. It is to delight in what once weighted us down, and to give it freely away.”


“There is one very important way in which to alleviate all problems, alleviate all error, alleviate all ignorance and find your true Self. And that way is to love yourself. To really love yourself. It sounds easy but try it it’s not easy to totally and completely love yourself just the way you are. When you begin to love yourself this way you automatically rise to a higher state of consciousness.
For you’re loving the Self when you love yourself. You are really loving the one Self which is omnipresent and all-pervading. Therefore when you love yourself you love everything that exists. Nothing is left out of that love. Nothing. And this is what raises your consciousness. This is what transforms you. Forget about being enlightened, awakening. That will take care of itself.”
~Robert Adams