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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Libra: all day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
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As we inch closer and closer to the first of three eclipses, you can feel the air growing thick with change. This is the unmistakable beginning of what could be the roughest patch we’ve seen in  very long time.  I don’t want to put words to what might come to pass. We are always creating as we go. It is up to us to stay focused on the higher purpose, namely Love, and to come from the heart in all our responses. from here on in.

The week ahead builds on the themes that have already ignited. Mercury enters his retrograde shadow first thing tomorrow morning, and today he forms a stepping stone with MakeMake, an aspect that will not get repeated as Mercury heads for a backwards journey. MakeMake represents all the higher laws that run the universe. This stepping stone today is going to make us painfully aware of the fact that we are not very well aligned with them at the moment. (By ‘we’ I mean the majority of humanity). It is our purpose, our job to stay aligned with Source, no matter what else happens here.
Also today the Black Moon makes her second communion with Uranus. She has just gone retrograde, and she won’t be back here till the end of the summer. That means that these two communions, (the first on May 28 and the other today) has activated an unveiling of unrest that is not going to go away this time. (I don’t think it needs naming). The Black Moon will bounce between Eris and Uranus for months to come, giving us come idea of how long this disruption (and ultimate awakening) will be with us.  (It will end around June of 2021).
Please, I am asking you from the bottom of my heart, stay focused on the higher Truths right now. The highest Truth there is is that nothing ever happens without a reason.. it is all for our highest good, whether we see it, whether we get it, whether we believe it or not. We must cultivate Truth and Faith and BE THE LIGHT we have worked so hard to cultivate within us.
I’m sorry if I sound very intense and dark, but these are absolutely, positively the end days. We must surrender to that Truth and move through the coming waves of transformation as solidly and steadfastly as we can. We will survive, and as we do, we will create a brand new world to live in. Faith in Faith. Trust in Trust.
We saw Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Black Moon Uranus communion the other day, and it falls in exactly the same place today. But I will reprint it again, with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks, because it bears repeating.


Taurus 9:  A talkative woman with tape over her mouth.

               She exists on several levels at once. The outward level is for her a throw away. So much so that she will almost invariably deprive herself of outlet, of easy ways to spread or disperse or scatter her seed. And instead of those masculine out breathing frequencies of putting everything out there on the line, she will go further inside and try the next level.
               However, the same litany occurs at the next deeper level. Once again, she discovers that she could use up her inspiration in idle chit chat, perhaps now of a more spiritual kind and more respectable, but this is counter-indicated by her instinct for carrying through to satisfaction and fruition.
               Such a sequence can occur at any level. There is always the impulse to splurge, to make everything happen, to explain and justify and prove. And then there is the wisdom and constraint to be silent, be watchful, and wait. Each time she does this, whenever she holds her tongue and plunges further within, something happens which is uncanny.
               She finds that what she holds to steadily and faithfully builds up a resource, a reservoir that can become a real force to be reckoned with. Whereas, whatever she seizes upon and grabs hold of as momentary flirtations, fascinations and curiosities, falls apart in her hands and leaves her stranded.
               Even so, it is exceedingly difficult to heed this kind of lesson consistently. This is because this frequency is out-of-step with the world around. It is seeking instead of currency and legitimacy, a world apart, a space of peace and wholeness having no interface with the usual considerations.
               She is called upon to develop spiritually and to make entirely inward the nature of her path. Once she agrees to do this unreservedly, she will be shown how to integrate innermost source spring of inspiration with the heart of the world.”
“These days are not meant to break you down but to break you open, to dive you deeper than ever before into the depths of your own arms. You are not ruined dear one you are rising, endlessly unfolding your feathers to the new dawning day.”