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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon enters Scorpio: 6:06am
  • Moon Void of Course: 12:40am – 6:06am
  • 6:6 Star Gate
                Active Worm Hole

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“We may think we are unbiased, but if we are taking a side in all of this, then we are biased, because we are not clearly seeing the whole picture of the interweaving of the Light and the Darkness, being played out on the world stage. It is that mutually interdependent inter-weaving, that tapestry of Light and Dark that is gradually and painfully moving us collectively towards a place of balance.”    Marcus Mason
As Mercury moves into his retrograde shadow first thing this morning (EDT), the turning points continue to emerge. This is a big one, as Mercury will undertake many connections during the days ahead and he will revisit them after he goes retrograde on June 18, as he comes into perfect alignment with Sirius, the God Star. The planets are so powerfully aligned right now that the world itself is at the most profound turning point its ever reached. The polarity of it all, the duality that permeates everything right now is unmistakable, and it must be embraced, rather than refusing to look at it. Don’t dig too deeply into the shadow, but this is no time to look away either. We must be clear about what’s going on if we are going to be able to hold the focus and remain, no, BECOME, the zero point.

Mercury makes his first connections while inside his shadow today, a stepping stone with Salacia. This connection will be repeated two more times just before Mercury goes direct,  on July 7 and July 15. This aspect reveals the fabric of the upcoming retrograde, one of journeying through the depths and shadows of the depths of consciousness. Mercury connected with Quaoar just a day or two ago, and that will not repeat, but it does indicate that we are taking our consciousness to new levels.
Venus is headed for a new cycle with the Sun (tomorrow), and that marks the middle of her retrograde journey. Both the Sun and Venus are forming Light Bridges with the Great Attractor, delivering downloads of amazing new consciousness for any who are brave enough to keep the heart wide open as we walk through this ‘valley of the shadow of death’.
I heard from a reader yesterday who wanted me to know that if I insist on spinning fear she doesn’t have to read me. Oh I get it. I insist there is fear there in the first place. I am not here to scare but to share the unveiled Truth of this moment on the planet. It includes the Lightest Light and the most Shadowy dark. They live together in this dualistic world which has been manifested by our consciousness. If we don’t like it, we have the power to change it.
Lift your focus to the highest perch you can attain and see what duality looks like from there. It is one, not two. Two sides of one coin, inseparable from one another. The sooner we see it the more swiftly we will transform our thoughts and therefore the world. This is is, people. The end of days. What follows after we move through this passage fearlessly is a new order. A new world.
“If you prefer smoke over fire
then get up now and leave.
For I do not intend to perfume
your mind’s clothing
with more sooty knowledge.
No, I have something else in mind.
Today I hold a flame in my left hand
and a sword in my right.
There will be no damage control today.
For God is in a mood
to plunder your riches and
fling you nakedly
into such breathtaking poverty
that all that will be left of you
will be a tendency to shine.
So don’t just sit around this flame
choking on your mind.
For this is no campfire song
to mindlessly mantra yourself to sleep with.
Jump now into the space
between thoughts
and exit this dream
before I burn the damn place down.”