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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 6:11pm - Midnight
  • FULL MOON (Sun/Moon Bridge): 9:12am
  • LUNAR ECLIPSE: 15 Sagittarius 34
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate

HERE’S MORE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS FROM  Shelly LealJan Finley, Christine ClemmerSonreyaand Vivian Small!

We have reached the first of this worm hole’s three eclipses, a lunar eclipse, which occurs today at 3:12pm EDT at 15 Sagittarius 34. There is so much about this worm hole that stands out as unusual and significant than the usual, not that ANY eclipse is usual.. This one, producing an emotional shift (because it’s lunar), is conjunct the Great Attractor and producing a very powerful Light Bridge with the Sun and Venus retrograde. The latter two came together for an inferior conjunction just two days ago. The Great Attractor is by far the most unusual ‘object’ in our local universe. It serves as a Source for all that is, and it has an exponentially  multidimensional power. It is the Source of a Source of our own Source, aka the Galactic Center.

The elevators that show up for us today are intergalactic, multidimensional, and to the extent that you can let your Self be moved by the ‘powers that be’, they promise to deliver you to a place you’ll much prefer, if you can stand the journey. The Karmic node, at 29 Sagittarius is still traveling with Ixion, representing the collective purpose of humanity, and those points are conjunct the Galactic Center. You don’t have to full understand what either of these source points mean to realize that what is happening is coming from a very high place.
I want to reprint something I read today, from the Time Nomad website…

American karma

“It seems that no matter how forward looking the American society strives to be, its underlying foundations have a great weakness, something that can be seen as a karmic debt that has to be repaid one way or another — there’s no other way around it since the law of karma expresses itself through its unavoidable returns: good deeds will bring more good, inflicted suffering will reflect itself back to those who initiated it.
The simple fact that a significant part of early American economic success rests on practice of slavery (aka crime against humanity) and unfair treatment of minorities still remains an unresolved fault line that is gradually developing into a multitude of cracks running across the foundations of the country.
Over hundreds of years the underlying division between “white” and “black”, “north” and “south” had morphed into the politics of “us” and “them”, “right” and “wrong”, “good guys” and “bad guys”. The underlying idea always remained the same: some are more right than others and thus should decide for everybody thanks to their supreme nature.
This fault line has never healed and indeed has very few chances to heal since the core political and economical model is forced on growth at all cost, grossly outdated, burdened with unpaid debt and patched with multiple band-aids of good intentions.
In short, the cost of slavery is the future lack of unity. And that lack of unity in the American society is what will bring the system down, at the right time when repayment of this karmic debt can’t be deferred any longer.”
That couldn’t be closer to my perception of what’s happening, I think it’s a brilliant expression of the Earth Star Ixion communion that is delivering us all to the Pluto return of the United States in 2022. If you go and read the article, you’ll see the author is referring to the ongoing Mars Neptune communion, but this is SO much bigger and more multidimensional than that. (Not that I disagree, this guy is quite brilliant, though I think he should put his name more boldly on his site…)
Phillip Sedgwick has something to say about Mars Neptune and today’s eclipse in his latest column:

05 June, Lunar Eclipse

‘This eclipse aligns with the Great Attractor, one of the most massive, guiding gravitational tractor beams known. Its mandate is all about messaging – cosmically motivated messaging. The GA possesses an agenda of organic inclusion for all. All lives matter. Imposters matter, as in those claiming to pursue high-mind objectives with corrupt political agendas or inbred bias. In this two-week eclipse window, does one have the capacity to convert anyone to a galactic point of view? Only with facts and only if facts are valued. Emotional appeals fall on deaf ears and angry causes only to further inflame polarization. With influence of the Great Attractor it becomes difficult to hide nefarious agendas and truth tends to come out, and with it, the reactions of all to that truth in super-heightened intensity. Truth matters above all.
This eclipse follows Venus by two days at her inferior conjunction – an alignment of Venus to the Sun. This is classic want and need coming into light. If you want it, you want it. Justifications can be made for the acquisition or pursuit of anything. This era is the collective boiling over point of the result of stay-at-home, work-at-home orders and how those restrictions impacted desire and gratification. Observe that any substitution of raw emotion will not compensate the attainment of a soulfully sought need or want.
Mars, while between Nessus and Neptune in Pisces, squares the Sun. Yes, there’s bad blood with valid cause, however, in the emotional heat of the moment is there clarity as to the source of anger or accurate knowledge of what persons and forces stir the collective cauldron of emotional concern. Is it social justice? Is it the (insert colorful expletives here) pandemic and all its mayhem? Is it Antifa or Bugaloo Boys? Get clear before tossing a stone – symbolic or otherwise – is the likely result consistent with the original objective?”
The point is, things are just beginning to heat up. As Light workers, it is our job, our MAIN PURPOSE, to keep on shining and BE the LIGHT. The only way to do that with any consistency is to stay riveted to the higher realm. Turn your TV off. I am not saying that what’s happening in the world doesn’t matter. It absolutely does. But what you focus on becomes your world, and it is very very hard to turn away from the shadow forces that are permeating the 3D world right now. Aim high. Remember it’s all perfect, even if we don’t like what we see.
Please go and read Vivian Small’s Moon report for more on today’s full Moon/eclipse, and also check out Shelly Leal’s new Monthly Report, for even more.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Sagittarius 16:   A man sheering sheep.

               “We are all around you. We clamor here. There is something we need from you. But we don’t know how to ask. You must sort it out for us. We only know to come here and gather around you and search out your goodness for us.
               We most prefer you when you cast off your human guise of being so busy and knowing what you’re doing, in order to join us in the process of divesting ourselves of everything that still is in our way. We can use you best when you are stripped to meet us, plain, straightforward, just here for what comes each time.
               We need you to be clear. You are the man. We need you to not be attached, not be anxious, not be tangled up like we are. We must have your best now. For there are too many of us and not enough of you.
                We need all the help we can get. You hold a focus and you stay on it. We can only distract you. Yet it is our job, all of us, to give you a hard time, more than you can handle. For we have to be sure that you’re really here with us.
               Yes, we are fully aware that you do not carry extraordinary virtues. We’re not accusing you of being a genius. We are imploring you to give us your best effort every time and that is all.
               For we, your fate, your companions, we know you so well. You were that shepherd who got us to this point in the first place. And we know you will be here to take it further every time. That’s who you are.
               We do make one extra special request. Do not deny what we say. Do not shrug off, throw off, make such light of what it does for all of us when you stay on the beam. So let us take you away from what you want to do and let us restore you to the recognition that you are carrying a very great treasure. And if you give it away to each one of us so easily, that shows us how true this treasure is in life.”
”What if Martin didn’t stand up?
What if Rosa didn’t sit down?
What if Malcolm didn’t man up?
Where would we be now?”
~India Arie (What If…)