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There are quite a few aspects today, for a Sunday. We’ve been experiencing a series of days that have featured sparse aspects, so this should prove to be a major shifting point. In fact, we are entering into a 10 day period that includes Mercury’s retrograde station, a solar eclipse and the end of Venus’s retrograde journey. That’s a lot of calibration in the midst of a major reboot of consciousness, which is what a solar eclipse produces.


Before we look a little more closely at today’s aspects, I want to print a brilliant channel (she refers to it as a musing), from a brilliant woman, Anne Harris. She is the one who brought the article on the fifth state of matter to my attention, and this is her own response to it:

‘ALL IS HELD IN SUSPENDED ANIMATION IN UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS UNTIL IT IS ACTIVATED BY INTENT/THOUGHT AND PROPELLED FORTH FROM DESIRE/EMOTION/DRIVE TO SPRING INTO MOTION/ACTION.  That is my take-away understanding from the article about the quantum fifth-state of matter that I sent Stephanie that she refers to in her blog today.’

“It has been a night.  Full of revelation that I am not sure that I understand the full extent of yet.  I am confronting all of the deep pain that I have experienced and felt so deeply during my life.  There seems like an inordinate amount of it from early on that I have carried in my basket like little ducklings or chicks that needed tending.   
I was listening to a brief Buddhist teaching from Ireland.  The female monk from Vietnam’s Plum Village asked the question:  
“When you feel pain, do you go into flight, fright, or freeze as your coping mechanism?”
Then I was listening to Sarah Vrba and she asked:
“Who are you when you put aside all of the roles that you play here on Earth?  What do you value and cherish that has nothing to do with your roles?”
“Deep, profound, and thought-provoking questions……Ones that I am ripe to contemplate and begin the find answers for.  Drive takes me away from that quantum 5th state.  It takes us all away from home on our journeys of exploration of Self. And it becomes addictive in the form of an adrenaline high that seeks more and more to sustain itself.  Without the tempering of rest, a place to come home to and take it off for awhile like a coat, it runs amuck.  Like the in-breath and out-breath of our lungs, of consciousness itself, drive must work intricately and cooperatively with rest to be in harmony with Nature; with Cosmic Law.  Such is the revelation that Mars conjunct Neptune has to bring to my awareness.”
SO brilliant, and questions we would all do well to ask our Selves right here right now. The changes that are just up ahead will require some sort of Self-awareness with regard to these questions. Today alone, the Black Moon connects by stepping stone with Mercury and Sirius at 14 Cancer. This is exactly where Mercury will station and go retrograde on June 18. The Black Moon can unveil a lot about this upcoming Mercury retrograde journey, which as we already know is a major part of the worm hole journey we’re in. (Mercury disposed the Gemini New Moon that kicked off the worm hole, while he was in a new cycle with Venus. This entire worm hole is about the recalibration of the Mind/Heart connection, which is why the upcoming Mercury and Venus stations, straddling the solar eclipse, represents the big moment of this entire eclipse passage.
Not that this is it, not by along shot. Today Pluto, Eris and and the Sun all dance with each other. This is certain to bring about awakening that comes our of more disruption. The disruptive energies we are experiencing are very much a part of the process now. There is no waking without being shaken out of our age old sleep.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Black Moon,’s dance with the Sirius/ Mercury conjunction that begins today, but will be in effect ALL WEEK. (Well, the Black Moon will dance back and forth, but Mercury and Sirius will hold their communion for an entire week. We are in for a special treat.  This passage is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Cancer 15:    A boarded up doorway that leads to another realm.

               “A suspended path. Something promised, something hoped for, something held away. Time heals all the deep wounds. The traumas give way when nothing is demanded, all is let go.
               A cycle set aside for catching up with oneself by being ordinary. A constructive form upon this world of earth, met on its own strict terms. An immense capacity to enjoy and to make optimal use of the time to indulge, to be free, to be at ease and in flow in a very outward sense.
               Yet all the while, soul memory is hearkening backward. What is forgotten haunts. What is put out of mind makes the subconscious mind obsessed with the missing part. And this subterranean current is wild, is impetuous, always threatening to upset the basic life pattern and to bring on a reoccurrence of something best left in the past.
               An ambivalent, paradoxical, troubled, yet also sweetly fulfilling way to be. The wonder of it is that these shadows render each fragile detail of ordinary life precious and met with a spirit of gratitude and simple delight. The more the undercurrents are saturated with longings and repasts, the better the ordinary self becomes at turning it all into a basis for the celebration of existence in it’s momentary uprisings.
               A very peculiar edge. Bittersweet, poignant, evocative. Land on top of this is something innocuous, innocent, and exquisitely normal. What can be done in such a soul mood?
               Primarily one thing can come of it. We are granted the most special gift for an emotional intensity of participation within the sense-life in a fashion both traditional and touching. The rural world of good folk returns. The momentary pulse of solid gatherings of a natural kind comes alive. The lost beat of the pristine earth is restored for one time only.
               If we can unite ourselves with this opening, it heralds a great healing. We eventually can move on and feel restored to ourselves. And then we will know we were blessed by Divine Interaction.”


“You need to become a pen
In the Sun’s hand.
We need for the earth to sing
Through our pores and eyes.
The body will again become restless
Until your soul paints all its beauty
Upon the sky.”