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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 6:6 Star Gate
Sideways Elevators/ Neptune Station/ Venus station

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What a wild week this has been, hasn’t it? And it’s not over yet. We’ve been through a Mercury station, a Black Moon station, the Solstice, a world axis solar eclipse and a Neptune station, and we still have Venus’ station up ahead (tomorrow). All these stations promise turnarounds of the highest order. It’s best to refrain from preconceived notions about what these changes will be. It is far far better to be centered and still, so that we are completely ready for whatever may come.

You may remember I referred to a solar eclipse sandwich this week, with Mercury going retrograde a few days before the eclipse and Venus going direct a few days later. Neptune’s station yesterday was certainly a part of this event as well… sort of like some mayo or mustard on the sandwich, giving it some much needed flavor. Neptune, whether he confuses or blurs things, eventually always enlightens us to the Truth of what’s going on.
Neptune will be stationing for  good week or so, before he starts his clockwise journey. Don’t be surprised if certain issues remain unclear for a little while longer. Venus’ station tomorrow should have a stabilizing effect on the heart, and not a moment too soon, I’d say. It’s been a rough ride, with all the changes in direction, and this Venus station can serve as a breather… a moment to inhale and give the heart a chance to register what it’s been through.
Today that eclipsed Sun forms an all important Light Bridge with Quaoar, giving us all the chance to perceive the newly shifted consciousness from the perspective of the universal Mind. During the next two days that same eclipse sun will form a crossroad with MakeMake and Chiron, bringing back the same choices we were faced with at the beginning of the year. It may be hard to remember, because all the planets were moving in direct motion, but that was the time of the impeachment proceedings.
It’s not likely to repeat the same circumstances, but many of those themes will be back to remind us of what has happened so far. It’s important to remember that this set of eclipses and other circumstances can be seen as part 1 of a 2 part story line. This one lasts until the end of July and then part 2 begins just after the November election and delivers us to the new year. I have said repeatedly this year that it is almost impossible to separate out one season from another right now. It’s easy to see SOME of what will repeat toward the end of the year, but trust me, much of it will be coming back around to haunt us, or at least to drive itself home.
I don’t talk too much about Chariklo, but this day features two Chariklo aspects. Chariklo is Chiron’s female counterpart and her main function is to stabilize whatever the master Healer Teacher does. Watch for themes that take what’s  been going on and solidifying them.


“You are pure Consciousness—the substance of the universe. The universe exists within you. Don’t be small-minded. You are unconditioned, changeless, formless. You are solid, unfathomable, cool. Desire nothing. You are Consciousness.”
~Ashtavakra Gita