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Lunar Eclipse Approaching/ Sideways Elevators

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We are entering a series of days that promise to produce a major shift… likely an emotional one… as the Black Moon turns retrograde and the Moon becomes full and produces a lunar eclipse in a couple of days. The Black Moon is actually a balancing point for our own Moon, so that all this unusual activity is sure to produce lots of ups and downs, and sideways elevators. Be ready for these.

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has encountered at least one sideways elevator in the last few weeks. A sideways elevator is a situation that come sup that is utterly unexpected, that changes everything, for better or for worse. Look back to May 22. In what way has your life shifted? IN some cases it may have shifted more than once. And it’s not quite over. It’s important to be prepared for whatever may come.
The Black Moon turns retrograde today, which means the Great Unveiler is headed into the shadows. We all know what she does when she goes into those recesses… She finds the Truth and pulls it our for everyone to see. Today she turns around at 5 Taurus 33. This is an interesting place for her to stop, as she has been dancing for months between Uranus and Eris. She did not make it to Uranus this time, and for me that qualifies as a REFRANATION. When a planet refrains from connecting (in this case communing) with a another planet because it goes retrograde, it indicates that the next communion the Black Moon has with Uranus will be a major one.
Now this is a wonky one. The Black Moon will retrograde all the way back to 0 Aries this time, covering the entire sign, including connections with Mars, and going direct on July 22, just after the worm hole closes. She will conjoin with Mars for the first time on July 16, before she goes retrograde, and will connect with him again on July 30. Then the Black Moon goes retrograde again at 29 Aries on August 4 and makes a third conjunction with Mars on August 11.
Then, between August 21 and August 28, the Black Moon will actually make her way back into Pisces for the 17th time, and she will go direct and reenter Aries, going retrograde at 0 Taurus on September 9, and connecting with Mars making a  FOURTH connection with Mars on September 9. Now that’s not the last dance between the Black Moon and Mars, not by a long shot, but THIS time he goes direct at 2 Aries, reenters Taurus on October 3, and finally, FINALLY comes together with Uranus at last on October 7.
That means that everything that happens between today and October 7 is preparation for one whopper of an unveiling with the Black Moon comes back together with Uranus. (And that won’t be the last time, but it will certainly be extremely important.. Note the date and watch what happens.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Black Moon station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Taurus 6:  A pink diamond.

               “Situated at the right spot.   firmly where the story will unfold in it’s next chapter. Asked to love whatever comes. And given the ability to do just this.
               A sharp reckoning with previous patterns and the need to forgive, to release, to heal, to bless. Only having just enough inward resource to concentrate upon this track of moving through the changes. No luxuriant undergrowth. Given previously what is needed for the track.
               Discovering how to dedicate the soul altogether to the intimate process of clearing false patterns and coming to a clear slate stance. Everything feels into this. We are obsessed here with ourselves and with freeing ourselves of everything that is less than love and the pure flow of beingness.
               There is a backlog that is dense and thick and restrictive. Of itself, it will habituate us to outer syndromes of the most habitual kind. Yet there is a force from within equipped to cut through these layers of attachment and assumption and to find where the love is, where the light is, what the point of it all really is.
               We are grappling with ourselves upon the path of love. Whatever we meet is raw material for coming into a more centered and grounded and real place of love. We seek to become unconditional, unqualified, love in action without anything in it.
               Yet we come out of everything but this. We are winning the raw territory of affirmation of life from the proliferation of everything that would stamp out life and lead into ever more of the same, ad nauseam.
               If we can stay within the heart’s knowing, we will indeed cast off our false cloaks and merge within our soul’s hunger for substantiation. Yet we must over and again carve out this inner space from the roughage of hard and tight worlds. We are learning how to stay with ourselves and to honor the feeling spark completely.”


“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.