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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 11:47pm - Midnight
  • 9 Aries 26
  Sideways Elevators/ Haumea turns Direct

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Haumea turns direct today at 2:10am EDT. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing 5D archetype. As a planet, she looks like an egg with 7 parts that follow her around like ducklings. They are not Moons, they are a part of her. In this sense alone, it is easy to see that her archetype offers something very different than any other symbol in our solar system. Mythologically, Haumea is a Mother, Creator Energy that can manifest anything out of any  part of her body. Now to some that may seem way out there, but if you consider it for a moment, it should be easy enough to see that this new form of manifestation is possible for anyone anywhere. It takes a lot of focus and a higher vision.

As this amazing archetype turns direct today in Libra, her creative properties should come to life everywhere. If you remove the filters from your eyes. that is, if you look without your usual set of limiting beliefs or doubts, you’ll soon realize that anything is possible. Jupiter manifested his daughter Minerva right our of his mind. When you look at it that way, you might be able to see that we are all doing all our manifesting in this same way. Haumea is a bit freer. She knows she can manifest from her heart, her spirit, her body AND her mind.
Haumea is currently sitting at 25 Libra and 47 minutes. She has been traveling for a long time with Arcturus, a superdimensional fixed star that has very advanced scientific/spiritual consciousness to share with us, and he does do freely. Arcturus is the part of us that can find the cure, the vaccine and the perfect answer to any unanswered circumstance. Haumea and Arcturus will remain together, no more than a coupe of degrees apart, until 2023, when Haumea moves into Scorpio, just after the US Pluto return is complete.
Until then, these two amazing archetypes will be in a powerful, sustained Light Bridge with Eris, the female awakener, while the Black Moon dances back and forth and participates in this great observers’ perch, making it that much more of a gift to watch the world from. Now this Light Bridge has a fairly constant intersection (on/off ramp) going on this year with Jupiter and Pluto forming stepping stones repeatedly to this Bridge. And right now the Sun and very shortly Mercury are producing a major crossroad.. a power crossroad.. which has been gracing us with new options all year.
This crossroad and a couple of others that have formed this year are producing the many roads it seems might come into full manifestation. There is no telling which one or ones will become viable. All we can do is wait, centered and still, open and ready, to take any road our hearts respond to. we are still inside a worm hole, though the eclipses are over. There’s still room for another sideways elevator or two, so be aware.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Haumea stations, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. Please bear in mind that tomorrow features the Chiron station and Sunday Mercury turns around and goes direct. It’s safe to say the world will be a different place on Monday.


Libra 26:   A gypsy cart with a campfire nearby.

               “Being cast out of the basic outer picture, in order to get back to something which could not be fostered if there was belongingness and being accepted in the broader structures of the culture. Given the task to remember, to restore, to tap that which collectively we have moved away from, yet which remains at the center of real value for the earth and all of those who seek to be there for the earth.
               Sent far out to the edges. Offered glimpses of knowledge, wisdom, and subtle senses. The question is how far these will be followed out. They can go all the way through if the vision is strong, the intent clear, and the direction steady on.
               Often holding back at that edge, and seeking to straddle the fence between one world and another. It takes a lot of guts and crazy wisdom to move very far with this one. Compromise and getting along seem to be attractive way stations.
               In the instance of those who can sustain a wild edge, a shamanic plunge into the depths, this portal becomes completely open to subtle faculties, and the restoring of what has been lost. A trance of getting deep in there brings with it a longing to unite more and more deeply, to investigate more and more profoundly that which is very far from conscious reality.
               It is even possible along this frequency to be so lucid in observing what it is that lets us be free in the world, that every condition falls away and the only thing left is to follow a live wire instinct for what this earth needs us to learn, to foster, and to spread. If this call is taken up with a passion, there is no limit to how completely in touch and in sync we can become.”


“I love you exactly as you are. Truly. From every cell of my Being.
These are extraordinary times. I used to think I knew a lot. Now I FEEL I know nothing…….
except that LOVE is the answer. Love. Love. Love. Love.
More LOVE.
Especially when you think you know, I invite you to breathe and LOVE instead. knowing and being right is over in so many ways. Let it go.
soften into a whole new vibration. What am I talking about?
I don’t know.
I only imagine it feels like LOVE and I invite in as much of THAT as I can receive, hold and share.“
~Alicia Mathewson