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            Cosmic Wall/ 2020

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We are in a bit of a respite, after all those planetary stations, and 3-5 days devoid of Black Moon activity, and just a little less than a week from the end of the worm hole. I said the world would be different by Monday. The image at the top of this column is one you’ve never seen before. It is a depiction of the newly discovered Cosmic Wall that stretches for 100 million Light Years and places a veil between our Milky Way Neighborhood and cosmic points South.  Please check out this amazing article, which was printed in the NY Times yesterday, regarding The Cosmic Wall.

It does change everything. First of all, why are they calling it a wall to the South? If you ask me, it explains why we call the zodiac a ring of animals. When the collective looks to the heavens, it sees only what its consciousness is capable of reflecting. Way back when, we were farming and hunting and our world was made of animals. These days we have been bombarded with the idea of a southern wall. Neither of these “names” or “titles” are real or True.
We are no longer focused on the realm of animals (though we probably should be more attentive. Our consciousness is capablr of recognizing the perfection and unity we find in the cosmic mirror. Why are we finding this veil, or ‘obfuscation’ now? Well, we are in a Mercury station that is providing an on/off ramp to a powerful MakeMake/Salacia Light Bridge. Some of the description of this amazing new vast feature is very reminiscent of the characteristics of Salacia, who plays with Light and Dark and knows her way around and through all of it.
That Light Bridge is providing a much higher perspective of what’s been revealed. And then there’s the Jupiter Pluto dance that is going on all year. I have said over and over again that these two archetypes produce the biggest energies, the biggest realities there can be. Then there’s the Black Moon, the GREAT UNVEILER, who has been very busily bringing to the forefront what has been hidden all along.
In the article it states, for the first time I have EVER seen, that the Great Attractor is the Black Hole at the center of Laniakea, the great supercluster of which we are a part. The part of me that channels the Truth of the cosmos has known this for years. It makes me so happy to see it confirmed. It encourages me to go on bringing the information I am being graced with to all of you.
The world is changed because the cosmos is now forever changed. We may not fully comprehend what we are seeing, but if we are seeing it, it is reflecting the giant change that has already taken place within us. As above so below.


“The highest teaching in the world is silence, to be still. There is no higher teaching than this. Silence is Brahman. Silence is grace. Silence is absolute reality. I’m speaking of real silence, not just keeping quiet for a while. Real silence is when you go deep within and you become totally oblivious to your surroundings. There is no disturbance, even though things may still be going on all around you. The telephone may ring, people may knock on your door, the dog may bark, yet if you go deep within, you’ll be silent.”
~Robert Adams