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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • Hidden 7:7 Star Gate
 Mars Chiron New Cycle Image from Jessica Davidson

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There are only two planetary aspects today. A Sun Jupiter Bridge and the long awaited Mars Chiron New Cycle. There’s a lot to talk about. The Sun is currently lighting up the Power Cross that has dominated the heavens for many months now. He will bridge with Pluto tomorrow and then form stepping stones with Haumea, Arcturus and Eris in the days just up ahead. If you read the column yesterday, you are already familiar with the new Cosmic Veil that has been discovered. It has everything to do with this Power Cross, as it manifests a new world. At the moment that world is being reflected by the cosmos.

There’s another important Light Bridge that brought this cosmic veil into full view (for those with eyes to see). MakeMake Salacia also in a power crossroad with Mercury and Quaoar. These amazing 5D archetypes are making it possible to recognize a world that exists beyond what we think we know. And this new consciousness is going to come in very handy very soon.
Now to Mars Chiron. This new cycle is taking place in Aries, the sign of Self-Realization, according to Cosmic Consciousness. Mars Chiron is healing the old wounds in each and every one of us… particularly those related to our physicality. Health issues and physical crescendos are on the table so to speak. It may not feel like it, but there’s never been a better moment for wholing and realignment, on any level.
Mars has learned to come from the heart, something he had no chance at before the Divine Feminine was resurrected. He belongs to her, as co-dispositor of the female Self. He is of all things Earth, and Earth is female, through and through. (Not to say Mars is female, he’s not. But it will be to everyone’s benefit to be far more fluid and willing to bend when it comes to identifying him sexually,
Soon Mars will enters his retrograde shadow. He will remain in Aries, his home sign, well into January of next year. Chiron will be in Aries until 2024, and this new cycle today is the penultimate new cycle for these two archetypes before they take their rightful place in the new realm. There’s wholing of the heart, of the warrior within, and of the sexual misidentifications that have plagued humanity from the start. Mars was called a warrior, names Ares, simply because he is red. He looked to our ancestors like blood. But he has always been the God of Agriculture, and as scuh he tends to the Earth. He no longer has to try and fit his identity into the warrior’s armor. It never fit and now he knows it never will.
It’s all about the heart now. When Mars and Venus come together, as they have always been, right action that comes directly from the heart is the rule. Chiron’s presence is a gift of Grace. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mars Chiron new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks… We saw this this other day, when Chiron went direct. Now Mars comes to energize this very ;poignant image…

Aries 10:  Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.

               “I am bound by vows to take my stand here. My wandering days are over. For I am meant to bear witness, to balance the equation, to reveal what only shows itself to me when I stay within the focus of the Mysteries.
               Even as my outward movement ceases, my internal authority  intensifies. The less I go out and do, the more I can accomplish by being present to this extraordinary chance I am given, to be active on the inside and be free of the turbulent waters, released to be strictly myself.
               Much of my focus is to root myself within myself, to take my body and soul and empower them to drink of the cup of this world without ceasing. I learn to make no apology for my considerable obsession. I must make something new arise out of all the old stuff I bear and compost and liberate.
               This interior quiet is so fierce and demanding that I relinquish all claims upon reputation and currency and supplant these with putting all my life on the line for something that can grow through me. I have no proof, no certainty, no guarantees. But that fiery instinct is supported by so many earth forces, once I join up with them, going deep, staying put.
               Everything tells me to get to work on myself and to do everything I possibly can to eliminate the costly error of the feverish attempt we easily succumb to. We want to be approved. We need to be appreciated. So we sell out our souls routinely. That’s what I stand against.
               What can happen I become in the here and now, authentic to the one I’ve always been, and from there hearkening toward the one I am meant to become. What if I persist in the core practice of getting straight and getting clear and don’t sell this short for anything? What will come of this experiment?
               I do know where it goes. I do know what I’m doing. I’m tapping a wisdom which is older than the world. The only thing it tells me is ; take courage, walk courage, stay on with what is in you.”


“I will work on  my Self, since the work on my Self is going to be the highest think I can do for all, since I understand that as man up-levels his own consciousness, he sees more creative solutions to the problems that he’s confronting.”
Baba Ram Dass