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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Libra: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: 9:09pm – Midnight
  • 14 Cancer 46

Mind Body Recalibration Next Phase Begins

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Yesterday was all about Mars entering his new retrograde shadow cycle, and today is all about Mercury leaving his retrograde shadow and beginning a brand new cycle of communication and connection. For many years now these two planets fins some kind of special relationship around their shadow cycles, though they are not repetitive, meaning they are rarely the same kind of connection… But there always always is one, and it bears looking at to begin to realize what the actual relationship between these two planets actually expresses.

I have said repeatedly that these two archetypes have successfully switched places in the collective consciousness. Mercury is now THE Male archetype, as he holds domain over the Mind. Mars has become the co-dispositor of the feminine self, as we clear away the cobwebs of old patriarchal focus and realize he is and has always been a main focus of agriculture and earthly growth, from the very beginning. Mars has been misunderstood as the macho warrior who drags us into war. Mercury has been misunderstood as the androgynous trickster, with not much more than games and sleight of hand to work with.
Both of these definitions could not be further from the Truth. Mars, when he FEELS his Love for the Earth, comes from the heart and works with it to produce RIGHT ACTION. This is the True expression of Mars. Mercury, when he lets go of the distractions of duality that take up so much space in the lower mind, is free to explore the Truths of the higher Mind, the Christed self, and to show us what the Mind is really all about.
These days these two archetypes must be taken together. Today, they pass the baton once more… Mars, in his own sign, entering into a 6 week shadow cycle that will deliver us to a two month retrograde designed to awaken us to the Truth of what we are capable of here in this physical form on this planet.
Mercury today recovers his shadow, after a three month retrograde journey through the sign of the Moon, (Cancer). Today Mercury’s recovery of his shadow also means a new cycle with Sirius, and that promises some very major downloads of the highest order. Be open ad ready for thee, though they may not be particularly obvious as they pour in. (then again, they may!)
As Mercury begins this new chapter, Sirius plays a big role, and not a moment too soon, as we are entering the Lion’s Gate portal, where this amazing fixed star has so much capacity to communicate with us. I highly recommend going outside and locating Sirius, who is now present in the norther hemisphere, just to the left of Orion’s Belt’s left star… Commune with Sirius and watch it come to life.
Soon Mercury will form bridges with Jupiter, Chariklo, Pluto and Saturn, and Mars will form stepping stones with all of these same planets. This is yet another way the two lower body rulers are working together to deliver us to the new world.
I have printed this meditation before, when Mercury entered his shadow, but it bears repeating, as it is so powerfully connected to Sirius at this time. This is reprinted with Ellias Lonsdale’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Cancer 15 :   A boarded up doorway that leads to another realm.

               “A suspended path. Something promised, something hoped for, something held away. Time heals all the deep wounds. The traumas give way when nothing is demanded, all is let go.
               A cycle set aside for catching up with oneself by being ordinary. A constructive form upon this world of earth, met on its own strict terms. An immense capacity to enjoy and to make optimal use of the time to indulge, to be free, to be at ease and in flow in a very outward sense.
               Yet all the while, soul memory is hearkening backward. What is forgotten haunts. What is put out of mind makes the subconscious mind obsessed with the missing part. And this subterranean current is wild, is impetuous, always threatening to upset the basic life pattern and to bring on a recurrence of something best left in the past.
               An ambivalent, paradoxical, troubled, yet also sweetly fulfilling way to be. The wonder of it is that these shadows render each fragile detail of ordinary life precious and met with a spirit of gratitude and simple delight. The more the undercurrents are saturated with longings and repasts, the better the ordinary self becomes at turning it all into a basis for the celebration of existence in it’s momentary uprisings.
               A very peculiar edge. Bittersweet, poignant, evocative. Land on top of this is something innocuous, innocent, and exquisitely normal. What can be done in such a soul mood?
               Primarily one thing can come of it. We are granted the most special gift for an emotional intensity of participation within the sense-life in a fashion both traditional and touching. The rural world of good folk returns. The momentary pulse of solid gatherings of a natural kind comes alive. The lost beat of the pristine earth is restored for one time only.
               If we can unite ourselves with this opening, it heralds a great healing. We eventually can move on and feel restored to ourselves. And then we will know we were blessed by Divine Interaction.”




T”he Day out of time is a pause in between Galactic Years. July 24 is the last day of the galactic Year and July 26 is the first day of the new Galactic Year. This is a time of collective forgiveness, purification , cleansing, releasing, letting go. The Sun begins to rise with the brightest star, Sirius, which symbolizes new Light, new beginnings, new consciousness, It is the end of one 13 Moon cycle and the beginning of another. The 13 Moon cycle wrapping up was an initiation to unlocking deeper wisdom and knowledge from within. The New Galactic Year is the mastery of wisdom and knowledge gained., harmonization of polarity, the Divine Sacred Twins (Feminine and Masculine) synchronizing with Galactic and Cosmic Time. Integration of a new Timing Frequency.”
Aluna Ash (9D )   Thank you