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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate
      LION’S GATE Approaching

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We enter August, the ‘8’ month of our 2020 (‘4’) year. These are neat numbers, and they speak to structure and order, not to mention rebirth and transformation. With the 1st of August we move front and center into the Lion’s Gate Portal, and we will be smack in the middle of it by 8/8, which is the Lion’s Gate Star Gate. It is a place where time and dimension are transformed. There is access to multidimensional consciousness inside that portal, which will last for most of this month. And that’s a great thing, considering all that’s going on in the cosmos right now.

Mars is traveling through his own retrograde shadow, while the US has launched a brand new Rover set to explore the realities of life on Mars. (Can’t make it up). Jupiter and Pluto are both retrograding back toward their stations and they will come together for the thrid and final time in November. In just a few days the Earth Star (Karmic south) Node will come together with Ixion for the final time after traveling together (conjunct the Galactic Center) throughout the past three or four months. This new cycle promises to deliver us to an entirely new karmic chapter of life on Earth, as delivered by Source (Galactic Center), and finally revealing what we are here for.
As you can see there are TEN aspects today, which is a lot, and this is fairly indicative of the weeks to come. There are very few days up ahead, particularly while Mars moves through his shadow, that have only a few aspects, and the Black Moon, while she travels back and forth through Aries all month and next, serves as a precursor to what Mars is about to bring to our physical reality.
If you look closely, you will see that the old POWER CROSSROAD is highly activated again, courtesy of Mercury, who moves into a Bridge with Pluto today, and then those two form a crossroad with the Eris/Arcturus-Haumea Light Bridge that is ongoing. It is that latter Light Bridge that is bringing all the major transformation to our world. This is true on every level.
This day is replete with resources and Light Bridges.  What a perfect day to take up residence on a favorite observer’s perch and allow the Truth to emerge before your eyes. There are so many to choose from now.. other than the ones just mentioned… Ceres Orcus, and Black Moon Arcturus to name a couple.
There are communions as well. This day features the 9th Black Moon Eris communion, and there will be another one at the very end of the Lion’s Gate day. That will be Number 10, and 10 is the number of God. I think it’s safe to say that the next 10 – 14 days will bring the kind of Erisian disruption that only a true, Source-directed wake up call can deliver. By the way, I am becoming convinced that Eris has everything to do with Ophiuchus.. Please stand by… and if you’re interested in helping me forge this new cosmic consciousness, I would love to have you join me for my Ophiuchus Astrochat on August 15. (Link to register is above).
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Black Moon Eris communion number 9, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Aries 25:  A great dragon asleep in a cave.

               “The dark deep inside seeking to emerge from a spell, from an enchantment, from a curse. The shadows, the beast, the serpent, the dragon of legend and myth stirring, restlessly, pervasively, bringing forth longings and desires previously suppressed and denied.
               Secrets and mysteries. Realms within realms. So much to get back in touch with now. A promise to the children of the future to come alive at the appointed times. The inquiries of karma and of destiny. That which cannot be understood, will not conform to convention.
               A wildness, a raw primal quality of needing an immense outlet for a huge energy that never had a place here. A desperate drive to let these things emerge, or else feel trapped and stuffed and caught in meaningless retrials of self avoidance at all cost.
               An emotional energy of ferocious intensity. So deep. So forbidden. So strange to the modern ways. Called to merge, to tap the depths, to activate the dormant powers for the sake of the whole.
               An absolutely extraordinary ability to draw forth what was hidden in each and all. A threshold capacity to elicit confidence and strength and new forces in those who are seeking a further enfoldment beyond the known.
               The world’s most fertile energy frequency. Yet often postponed, or held in reserve. Captured by pasts and futures at war with each other. The shadow must be honored if the light is to dawn. All of this is known and sensed with overwhelming force. It will come out. It will come through.”


“The real destroyer of our peace of mind isn’t an external weapon or enemy, but our own destructive emotions. Neither our friends nor even the Buddha provide an opportunity to practice patience in the way that a hostile person does. And in so doing, an enemy can become our teacher.”
~Dalai Lama